Dylan / Blonde on Blonde: 'That Thin Wild Mercury Sound' (Daryl Sanders book, Oct. 2018)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by HominyRhodes, Oct 15, 2018.

  1. Roger Ford

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    Daryl, I have automatic book updates turned on, but I still have the first edition of your book, with no sign of the corrections you mentioned. And when I go to Manage My Content & Devices in my Amazon account, I don't see any 'Update available' flag against your book. Could you maybe check this out with Amazon if you get the chance?
  2. Roger Ford

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    Bristol, England
    Good commentary, Peter. I'd love to know when Columbia in Nashville started producing acetates with that label design. I'm sort of surprised they were concerned with 'Compatible Stereo' as early as that.
  3. Daryl Sanders

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    Will do, Roger. I'll let you know what I learn.
  4. Percy Song

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    Thanks to Roger for alerting me to the location of this, which is actually much longer (and much earlier on Big Blue) than I recalled.

    02 August, 1965 "Queen Jane Approximately - Take 2" (Disc 7, Track 11). It's also on the 6CD set (Disc 4, Track 9). Al is playing celeste on this take and is referencing the four note motif of The Crystals song throughout. I wonder if he had worked it out with Bob, or whether it was spontaneous...

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  5. CBackley

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    This book sounds fantastic. Does it get into all the various stereo and mono mixes, remixes, etc?
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  6. Percy Song

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    If you have any love for "Blonde on Blonde" it is an essential purchase. The book doesn't address all the different mixes that emerged post-recording but I don't think that diminishes its value. Of course, @Roger Ford provides extensive commentary on mixes and a great deal more on his Electric Dylan website which he updates regularly.
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    My library just got this in. What a quick read. Real good fly on the wall stuff and some background on the musicians I didn't know.
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