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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by darbelob, Apr 7, 2018.

  1. darbelob

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    Lately, ebay - on its own - has started inserting plus signs between the words in saved searches (but not in the original search, just once it is saved.) I have about a dozen saved searches and have noticed that I get a completely different set of search results with and without the plus signs. Annoyingly, the results with the plus signs eliminate many items, often the lesser priced items or even all the items in the desired category, such as CDs. This concerns me both as a seller and buyer. Has anyone else noticed this? Any suggestions for selling to make sure my items will show up in saved searches even with the plus signs? Any suggestions for eliminating the plus signs so they will not be there in saved searches (fortunately, this is recent and the plus signs do not show up in my older saved searches.)
  2. eddiel

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    Toronto, Canada
    I just did a test, searched for Led Zeppelin cds, and yup, same thing. Only way around it was to run the search and then delete the plus sign and then search again. I tried saving the search again after deleting the plus sign but no change.

    Also, when I run the search, underneath it asks "Did you mean Led Zeppelin: (4949 items)" and there's no plus sign. If I click on that it runs another search without the plus sign.

    Could be just some programming error that they haven't noticed yet.
  3. bayen

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    Yes, same thing here. Surprised it hasn't been fixed yet...I noticed a week or two ago and read a few posts regarding this issue on various web-forums/discussion groups. Hopefully will be resolved soon...it's been a real hassle deleting the + signs for all my new saved searches.
  4. E.Baba

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    Get on the eBay forum/chat page and shout about it there. They're always changing stuff around and I suspect some of them are only to their own benefit.

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