eBay charmbullying

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Shoes1916, Oct 23, 2021.

  1. manicpopthrill

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    ICT, Kansas
    That makes two cancellations/bans in a row. It relisted and within an hour I had a legit buyer. :sweating:
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  2. Shoes1916

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    My item (which attracted the particular charmbully who inspired this thread) also sold to a legit buyer for my ask, and they're very happy. :)
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  3. paddrino

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    As someone who buys a bunch off of eBay for cds, I never put any verbiage in offers. I typically don’t offer first, I tend to see the buyers who really want to sell send offers after I add an item to my wishlist. If they offer, I send back what I’m willing to pay. No chatting it up. It’s only business for me on eBay. If you are not willing to take what I am willing to pay, I promise you eventually you will, or I’ll find some who will. I don’t take declined offers as an affront. Business is business. No harm no foul.

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