Ebay check using paypal not working

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Mirrorblade.1, Oct 14, 2017.

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    I get error code 70495 and this transaction can not be completed..
    all day today this have been happeing since 12 of this week with a lot ebay members.
    I called 5 times a bunch dumb paypal employees.. I will call there headquarters monday..
    paypal sucks.
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    This isn't an paypal error it's an eBay error as best as I can tell.

    It has been happening for sometime. I found references to this issue going back a couple of years.

    I had this issue recently. The seller needs to sort this out on his end. In my case, what eBay told the seller is that the error is embedded into the transaction and there was no way of fixing it. The solution was to cancel the original transaction and then relist as a Buy It Now for the buyer.

    I'd contact the seller, let him know what's going on and ask him to call eBay. The seller is the only one that can get this sorted for you.
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    error code: 70495 - The eBay Community

    You will need to contact customer service for help with this problem:

    There are two ways to contact customer service, if you are outside the USA you will need to use the social media contact. All other users can use either contact method.

    Here is a link to the phone tree, select the options that closest match your problem.

    If none match select Account Billing and Invoices Questions about an Invoice:
    Sign in or Register | eBay

    Scroll down and click on the call us button for a one time use code. The best time to call is 5am pacific time when they open before they get busy.


    You can contact ebay on social media. Do not give any personal information until an eBay employee contacts you offline:

    Ask eBay (@AskeBay) | Twitter
  4. Yep, this is a well-known problem that is on the seller's end, not the buyer's end. It's happened to me once or twice as a buyer. The workaround is sending payment to the seller through Paypal outside of eBay's interface. Contact the seller.
  5. coopmv

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    I have had a PayPal account for well over ten years. The account was initially set up to pay for my auction wins as eBay sellers did not accept credit card. My PayPal account is linked to my checking account as well as my Amex credit card. At any rate, I bought some small item on eBay two days ago but I forgot my eBay login password and was routed to PayPal login, which I logged in to reset my eBay login password (though this feature may disappear soon since eBay has already announced severing future tie with PayPal). At any rate, I clicked on Amex card, entered card number and security code, thinking the item would be charged to my Amex card which is already linked to my PayPal account. Lo and Behold, I logged into my checking account this morning and noticed tPayPal has debited my checking account. What exactly is going on? No doubt PayPal would prefer to get cash from my checking account since it does not have to pay Amex any fee. But I prefer to use credit card since I can earn reward points.

    I logged into PayPal to set my credit card to be the preferred payment option. But when I clicked on my checking account, it says it already is my preferred payment option. What the heck is going on? How can both be my preferred payment option. Can I delete the link to the bank? As I vaguely remember a bank account was required when I first set up my PayPal account but that was well over ten years ago.

    Can some frequent PayPal users shed some light on this?
  6. MYKE

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    Pay Pal has been acting hinky since yesterday. I gave up during a Deep Discount transaction yesterday, and paid directly by card. Afterward I noticed others at Blu-ray.com discussing the same thing.
  7. quicksrt

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    This could leave a buyer out in the cold if a dispute arises as far as eBay is concerned. I think payoalvwiuld still stand behind buyer if there is a problem with the goods. But eBay does require the payment to go through their site for full buyer protection to be in effect.
  8. You can also make a claim through Paypal itself, though Paypal isn't quite as easy on buyers as eBay's customer service.
  9. quicksrt

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    PP has been acting odd lately I have noticed. I just made another large purchase ($500+) on ebay, and it was not approved for a "PayPal Credit" purchase which gives buyers six months or even a year of no interest. It said something vague like the seller may be be approved for this type of transaction. But it did not state that was for sure the reason. So I went and attached a credit card to account, a low interest one and sent CC payment through PP, which is their least preferred method of payment. The reason they hate credit cards used as payment is that besides the transaction fee that they must pay, if the deal goes sour, they have to pay the charge back if Visa of MC says so. The outcome of a dispute is not up to PP's decision on the matter. If Visa says the buyer is getting a refund, then that is it.

    So basically, PP backed me into their least preferred transaction which is so not like them.
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  10. coopmv

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    I recently made a purchase of under $20 and indicated on eBay that I was going to put the purchase on my credit card, the same card is also linked to my PP account. It turned out I had to reset my eBay pw by way of PP. While I had already entered my CC number and security code on the purchase page before I could log in with my new pw, PP still ended up charging against my checking account and completely ignored the CC entry I had already made for that transaction. I just don't get it. It is clear PP does not like to pay the CC transaction fee but it is not nice to ignore the customer either.

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