Ebay - Classic Rock Master Tapes for sale?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by irwin69, May 26, 2022.

  1. irwin69

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    I was looking at Nick Drake items on Ebay and came across this listing REEL TAPE 2Track 15 Ips GEN.MASTER TAPENick Drake – Pink Moon | eBay . There appear to be loads of other classic albums available.

    I am no expert on master tapes (or copies thereof) but why would they have photocopies of the actual master tape labels on them? The one on the Nick Drake box is clearly a copy of the one from 2012 box set with just the edges trimmed off. https://i.discogs.com/Nh6qDYYTgUiWC...TQwMTcy/ODgtMTM3OTIwMTI0/Ni05MzM4LmpwZWc.jpeg

    It's noticeable that the make of tape used on these copies often matches what is on the photos from the archives as well.

    Too good to be true?
  2. Dave

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    Maybe @Steve Hoffman has an idea. If anyone would know I think it would be him.
  3. McLover

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    Athens, Tennessee
    Could these be safety copies? Or used for LP mastering?
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  4. tmtomh

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    Too good to be true.
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  5. Chee

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    It is called stolen product from record companies. Columbia crushed a storage unit sniffer in Nashville who came across the Columbia Nashville reels he bought at a storage unit.
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