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  1. I remember making an offer on an item and he changed the item from free postage to an amount that was more than the original Buy It Now amount - very tricksy!
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    classic. ebay really is becoming a buyer cesspool.
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    It is much worse for Canadian sellers. The best offer feature now tends to be a default setting so when it is changed by the seller to not accept offers it is changed back. The Shopping Cart feature did not work in Canada for well over a year. I have lost many sales due to a foreign buyer not being able to combine purchases. One potential buyer from the UK called up feeBay and got fed up with all the BS and the time wasted so he ended up not buying anything. Every call to feeBay ends with "we are working hard" to fix the problem. Another current problem is feeBay will default to free shipping.

    The buyers who had combined sales in Canada had to pay shipping for each item (IE 5 items sold results in 5x the shipping charges) to enable the sale. The sellers then must refund the excess funds. Then feeBay concludes there is a fault and the seller gets hit with a mark on their seller's status.
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    The problem only occurs if the buyer is logged in on an eBay site other than eBay.ca?
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    Apparently, yes. But. The UK buyer still could not purchase from us after we suggested he do as you stated and start with the Canadian site eBay.ca. He said he spent hours trying to get this resolved. Nearly all of the buyers on eBay will use the site they have signed up with.
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    If your offers are fixed price you can add the make offer feature and ask the buyer to make offers just 1 cent lower than your fixed price. Then you can accept his offers and send him an invoice with the correct shipping costs.
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    Thanks, we will give it a try.
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    I get a lot bargains with submit best offers.

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