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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by dannydieerr, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. dannydieerr

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    I received this message from ebay today, can anyone in the know put this into simple terms for us and is this good for the seller and buyer as it maintains?

    "eBay is happy to announce plans to further improve the customer experience by intermediating payments on our Marketplace platform. In doing so, eBay will manage the payments flow, simplifying the end-to-end experience for both buyers and sellers. We have signed an agreement with Adyen, a leading global payments processor, to become our primary payments processing partner. PayPal, a long-time eBay partner, will be a payments option at checkout for eBay buyers.

    You do not need to take any action at this time. The transition to full payments intermediation will be a multi-year journey.

    Over the past three years, eBay has transformed its business to drive the best choice, most relevance and most powerful selling platform. Building out our payments capabilities is the next step in that strategy.

    Payments intermediation will bring significant benefits for eBay sellers. You can expect a simplified pricing structure, more predictable access to funds, and most sellers can expect their costs of payments processing to be reduced. We’re also working on ways to provide sellers a central place to track and manage their business, which can soon include payments information.

    By offering buyers more choice in how they pay and expanding payment options into more geographies, eBay believes sellers will be able to reach more buyers and improve conversion.

    The transition to full payments intermediation will be a multi-year journey. eBay will begin intermediation on a small scale in North America starting in the second half of 2018, expanding in 2019 under the terms of the Operating Agreement with PayPal. In 2021, we expect to have transitioned a majority of Marketplace customers to the new payments experience.

    Again, you do not need to take any action at this time. As eBay gets closer to the initial phase of its intermediation efforts, we will share more details about this process and next steps for sellers. In the meantime, please read the for further information. For any immediate questions or to share feedback, please email

    We’re looking forward to what’s next, and to getting there with you.

    As always, thank you for selling on eBay"
  2. Dave

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    Sounds like it's directed more to sellers than buyers leaving the Paypal "payment option" for buyers only in the end of it all with hopes that buyers will jump on board with the new Adyen payments.
  3. 360-12

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    As I understand it, they are ditching Paypal and will start using Adyen as their financial partner. When complete you will not be bounced back and forth between eBay and Paypal for transactions - everything will happen within eBay.

    Process due to be complete in 2023 according to an article I read yesterday. Until then use Paypal as usual.
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  4. cdash99

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    Since they owned PayPal before spinning it off, this looks like they’re creating PayPal Version 2.0.
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  5. Shawn

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    Hopefully Adyen will offer the same buyer protections.
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  6. 360-12

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    They should. I'm guessing the move has to do with fee$.
  7. kwadguy

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  8. greelywinger

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    The only time I've even used eBay in the last several years was to use up a gift card.
    I've actually used PayPal a few times for non-eBay transactions.

  9. googlymoogly

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    Agreed. I won't sell LPs on Ebay any longer for that reason, and the fact that fees eat up any basic profit.

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