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eBay saved searches coming up over and over

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by bigmikerocks, Jul 19, 2021.

  1. bigmikerocks

    bigmikerocks Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Have any of you experienced this?

    I have had a saved search for a couple of years for a certain item, and there is an item similar to it that is a buy it now item. That similar item comes up on my saved search at least once every other day, sometimes it will come up every single day.
    If you list an item, is there a premium you can pay to where the item will pop up on people’s saved searches? Or is this just an annoying glitch?
  2. Blue Gecko

    Blue Gecko Forum Resident

    it's the eBay way...
  3. SoNineties

    SoNineties Forum Resident

    Split (HR)
    You can refine your saved search by actively excluding some items provided that they have something in the title or the description which identifies them from the one you are looking for.
    For example if I am looking for a certain title, but I do not want a certain version to show up and I know the EAN code what I will enter into the search box is something like this ("Title I want") -(EanCodeToExclude).
    You exclude more things at once by separating them with a comma . So if I don't bother also with a particular year my search will look something like this
    ("Title I want") -(EanCodeToExclude,yearToexclude).
    I hope it helps.
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2021 at 7:03 AM
  4. bigmikerocks

    bigmikerocks Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Yah I have all mine refined that way. Unfortunately that doesn’t help in these situations
  5. SoNineties

    SoNineties Forum Resident

    Split (HR)
    If it's the same seller over and over, you can try
    - excluding some particular wording he uses in the listing provided that it doesn't interfere with your overall results.
    - Excluding the item number
    - Excluding the seller's name.

    If the listing is too generic, like there is no ean code, no versioning, no year, not even what media it is (cd vs cassette vs lp etc) well I would just report the seller to ebay for ' inappropriate description' or 'website interference'.... in my language it actually sounds more like 'inadequate description', so doing so really sounds ... 'appropriate'- no pun intended!
    That would really be my last resort though.
  6. MikeMusic

    MikeMusic Forum Resident

    Surrey, England
    Ebay search is currently broken in some way.
    Some searches work most of the time.
    Can't get some to work as I want at all
  7. bigmikerocks

    bigmikerocks Forum Resident Thread Starter

    It’s just a normal listing. This is the one that shows up in my saved searches every one or two days for the last couple of years.
    *Billy Joel 'I've Loved These Days' 45 rpm COLUMBIA Record Label Vinyl PROMO | eBay
  8. SoNineties

    SoNineties Forum Resident

    Split (HR)
    I'd just do something like this

    Include description to make sure you are searching through the whole description.
    The brackets ensure that you are excluding the whole exact text.

    Depending on your initial search setup you might get some other unwanted results, but there is no better way to exclude something.
    If you are running your search with the 'include description' flag already activated that should work easily.
    In the opposite case you might want to experiment some more with the exact sentence to exclude and/or adding some more 'exclude' commands in reaction to what turns up.
    I am telling you in 10 years and more of tracking just a couple times I could not manage to exclude some lazy smart one's item from my results...

  9. bigmikerocks

    bigmikerocks Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Yes, I use that method in many of my searches. That’s not going to stop this listing from coming up every one to two days. My search is “billy Joel these days”. I don’t want to exclude anything in this case because I don’t want to miss anything that might cause a listing to not come up that might be the one I want, which in this case is a stock copy of that 45
  10. SoNineties

    SoNineties Forum Resident

    Split (HR)
    can't have your cake and eat it i am afraid.
  11. bigmikerocks

    bigmikerocks Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Well my whole point of this post is asking if it’s an option to maybe pay more to have your listing show up in searches super often, or if it’s just a glitch with this particular listing.
    It’s absolutely not “having your cake”, eBay searches are supposed to work a certain way, and that means only showing up on new listings.

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