eBay seller wants a price increase

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by cuddlytoy, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. reb

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    Long Island
    I sell and buy on Ebay.

    I would leave the seller Neutral Feedback.
  2. Joy-of-radio

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    I needed the laugh... Thank you! No, do not pay beyond what was originally agreed upon. Enjoy your purchase when it arrives and call it a day.
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  3. carrolls

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    It was a vain attempt to extort more money out of the transaction. I can't see any excuse for it's justification. You can use the "it's only 6 dollars" defence if you want.
    But no, it's the principle of it. It may have been a stupid thing to do but its the real world out there and there are consequences to doing the wrong thing if you are careless.
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  4. Carl Swanson

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    Just because they use their influence and power to flout the law doesn't mean it's not the law.
  5. Bradd

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    This says it in a nutshell. It’s a case of unilateral mistake, which doesn’t make a contract voidable. Unfortunately, as a seller, I’ve made a mistake once or twice. I listed an item as a Buy it Now when I meant to list it as an auction. Someone purchased it in good faith, I realized my mistake but since I was the one at fault, I was obligated to complete the transaction. Life goes on.

    You complied with the terms of the contract. They are obligated to perform pursuant to the terms of the contract.
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  6. There isn't the slightest suggestion of "extortion" present. The seller couldn't exert that sort of leverage if they wanted to. The amount of money doesn't figure into a "defense", as if there were a dispute on that point. There isn't. The buyer got their purchase at the original price. They aren't obligated to do anything more.

    But as long as you're going to get lofty about the Ebay-given right of buyers to potentially drop a seller's reputation into the trash over nothing, "the principle of the thing" also involves avoiding baseless imputations of motive. And, in my opinion, forbearing from indulging in punitive moralism to "teach the seller a lesson" that they've likely already learned. If they haven't, a simple lack of reply from the buyer is sufficient to provide that lesson. Such as it is.

    "its the real world out there and there are consequences to doing the wrong thing if you are careless."

    I live in a real world where not everybody feels as if they have a duty to impose "consequences" over every minor gaffe or trivial crossed wire in a communication, just because they've been granted the power to do so. We're talking about discretionary buyer feedback on eBay, not the law of gravity. And, really...remind me again about the exact substance, nature and magnitude of the injury that's been done to the buyer. Was there one?
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  7. MisterNines

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    Maybe hold off on the Feedback until after receiving the Item (with prompt delivery) in "as Described" condition?

  8. statcat

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    That sort of annoying behavior over a few dollars warrants a negative in my opinion.
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  9. melstapler

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    I had a similar experience with a seller on eBay when attempting to purchase a vintage guitar. It was a buy it now for $1200, with numerous detailed photos and a thorough description of the item. I sent immediate payment and expected everything would be fine. A few hours later, the seller messages me stating they had another buyer who offered $1500 and would need me to re-purchase the guitar for $1500. It was an odd situation because the buy it now price I was willing to pay was on the higher side of fair market value. Although I didn't complain to eBay, the seller's entire account was closed about a week or so after the incident.
  10. Tim Crowley

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    $6 doesn't mean s**t.

    The seller should honor their price.

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