eBay sellers can block buyers who leave negative feedback

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by melstapler, Feb 16, 2017.

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    An eBay user doesn’t ban another user. You can block an ID from bidding on your items but it’s impossible to stop the person from bidding with a different account. Unless both accounts are registered with the same name, address, email, pay-pal etc. you can't convince eBay support that it’s the same person.

    I looked and there is nothing in their blocked bidder policy that states what action would be taken against a user who attempts to circumvent a block. I don't think they would suspend an account they would probably just “educate” the buyer.

    More than likely if someone buys something and leaves a negative the seller wouldn't even make the connection to someone they blocked and if they did it would be difficult to prove. If you block an ID just because someone asked too many questions then you have no idea who it is.

    If you have a real problem with someone by all means block them but I wouldn't recommend annoying people on ebay for no good reason.
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    If you are interested look for it, it is there, I am not going to spend my time to prove you wrong. Neither is correct to say "A seller" then quote me and then write your opinion by doing so you are assuming and telling everybody that I am a seller.

    I do sell sometimes but I am hardly a person who can be considered a professional seller. If anything I am a buyer not a seller.

    Using an account that has the same physical address than another account, your sister, mother etc. same IP address,paying through the same paypal are all ways that can get the two accounts banned.
    Despite my limited experience as a seller I have banned someone from bidding after an e-mail and seeing that was a recurrent non payer. You can work out many things on ebay that people don't realise. Soon enough I had someone nearby in the same area bidding on his behalf. I did not report it but I knew it was him or for him and I am sure the person now regrets helping him it as sure enough, there was a problem with the payment. I think finally because of embarrassment the friend paid for him, may be with his own money. There are a lot of people who deserve to be banned, buyers AND sellers, it's a shame it does take a lot more than it should.
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    I just responded to your entire post and what you said. I didn't imply anything about you specifically. Don't understand what you mean.

    Your experience is actually a perfect example of what I'm trying to say. You suspect that someone used his friends acct. in the same town etc. to bid on one of your auctions. I can 100% guarantee that you will never convince ebay support that it was the same person in that case. Zero chance. No action would be taken against either acct. I speak from experience.
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    Over the years, I've asked eBay several times why they don't permit buyers from blocking seller's listings, to avoid accidentally buying something from someone with whom you've had difficulty in the past. Their reasons have ranged from "we're working on it" to "we don't have that capability" which does make sense since they don't have any computer programmers on staff.
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    Over the years I've grabbed a few bargains.. as well as being obscessed with an item and spending over budget. So cost wise I've sort've broken even.
    What pees me off is when I've spent over budget on an item my decision was based on the "Near Mint" condition of the media. When the CD arrives
    it's scuffed and several tracks have audible crack noises. You contact the buyer and he always says "....it played alright on my player" ... But what about
    the scuffs. Near Mint?
    Me, being Mr Nice Guy tries to resell the CD on Ebay disclosing all the defects and unable to sell.
    I will definitely leave negative feedback... but very polite, of course, with my words. Don't need these people in the Marketplace.
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