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eBay selling strategy - start 'em high or low?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Holy Zoo, Nov 9, 2003.

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  1. SamS

    SamS Forum Legend

    IMO, this a guaranteed way to get your $$'s worth.

    1) Take LOTS of pictures. Already mentioned above.

    2) I say start it at $1.00 and let it ride. I've sold lots of things, many above $500 and just bit my tongue and did it without a Reserve. Never been burned once. Unless it's really obscure, buyers can and will determine it's true value.

    3) Don't set a "Buy It Now" price. When I see that I seem to mentally think that price is usually a bogus, too high value for the item. Without it, you have a better chance of getting more $$. Buy It Now is for commodity items, not collectibles, me thinks.

    4) End your auctions on Friday night. That's when many get paid and hopefully have a few drinks in 'em ;)
  2. mal content

    mal content Guest

    Sigh. I totalled my Buy It Now sales for the last ten days. $2800+ dollars. And my BINs are full market value or a few percentage points above. I think anyone who dismisses Buy It Now hasn't given it a real shot or is themselves setting a "golddigger" BIN price.
  3. Clay

    Clay New Member

    Saratoga, CA
    Low and High both great, it just depends on current selling strategy

    I believe Buy it Now and auction only both have positives.
    I used to use BIN 100% of the time and sold a lot of stuff every day. sometimes 3 BIN in a day. Currently I am listing most items with no reserve and no bin and a low price.

    The BIN period was of items that you could see 1- 20 a day sell and I offered exceptional service and a medium to high price.
    Now each item I am selling is unique with fewer like items selling per day.
    In many cases I am not sure of the value so a $9.95 no reserve auction with fixed shipping for 7 to 10 days ending on Sunday at 7PST is my normal listing mode these days.

    Some of my BIN buyers were ONLY BIN buyers so if I had a listing at $1 they would not have looked at it.

    Some of the stuff I have sold recently sold for 400% to 600% of what I thought it would go for, so a BIN would not have been the ideal method for those listings.

    I also use Turbo Lister to copy listings formatting
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