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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Tetrack, May 2, 2018.

  1. Tetrack

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    Scotland, UK.
    I have sold an item on Ebay and the buyer has not paid after 9 days. I've sent two invoices and just sent them an email saying If I don't hear anything by friday I will open an unpaid item case.

    The problem with this is, as far as I understand, If they then pay they can leave me neg feedback in retaliation. The other option seems to be for me to cancel the sale, which I believe would give me a defect.

    Question is, what is the best option here? I have no negs and the buyer has no buying related negs that I can see. 1 neg as a seller.

    Do I eat the final value fee and take a defect and relist or file a case and be open to a neg if they are 'forced' to pay?

    Which would be more detrimental to me as a seller?
  2. oldbsturgeon

    oldbsturgeon RlrrLrll

    Well you can’t really have negative feedback as a buyer any longer. If you go through with the cancellation process then when it’s all done it wouldn’t be a ding against you and feedback couldn’t be left either.
  3. Tetrack

    Tetrack Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Scotland, UK.
    From what I've read, If the buyer does not respond to the case and does not pay, then they cannot leave feedback. However, If they pay and buy the item after ebay contacts them, they can then leave feedback as normal. This would leave you as a seller open to retaliation feedback.

    If I cancel the sale then I get a defect against my account for doing this. The buyer has to request the cancellation for this not to happen.
  4. Tetrack

    Tetrack Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Scotland, UK.
    Basically my options are -

    File the case and leave myself open to retaliation from the buyer in some form If he is 'forced' to pay(If he does not pay he gets a strike).

    Cancel sale and take defect against my seller account which could possibly affect me in terms of search result visibility etc.
  5. tmtomh

    tmtomh Forum Resident

    I would file the case. If you get retaliation feedback you can ask eBay to remove it. Not saying eBay definitely would remove it, but the paper trail if you having to file a case and eBay having to contact the buyer in order to get the buyer to pay, likely would increase your chances of eBay agreeing to remove a retaliatory neg.
  6. SJP

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    Always send a friendly reminder or two, then open a case without hesitation. Do not feel as if you are held hostage by those who fail to fulfill their end of the bargain.
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  7. rob68

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    Michigan USA
    This is why I require immediate payment from buyers upon sale and never ever use auction style listings.

    Buy It Now baby!
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  8. statcat

    statcat Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    Just open the unpaid item case and don't worry about it. The other option (can't believe you'd even consider something like that honestly) is way more detrimental to you.
  9. Tetrack

    Tetrack Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Scotland, UK.
    Thanks for the replies. I will open the case.
  10. Trebor

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    Chicago, IL, USA
    Last year I had a guy win twenty auctions and then didn't pay when he was suppose to. I had ebay send the payment reminder notice for each and he finally paid, but left me twenty negs. Ebay would not remove them. All I could do is block him from future buying.
  11. Tetrack

    Tetrack Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Scotland, UK.
    He paid ok on the final day, after my email. No feedback left....yet.

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