eBay -- where does the money go?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Rigoberto, Nov 13, 2022.

  1. Rigoberto

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    Just sold something on eBay. It says PAID. I see no funds in my paypal account. Anyone know where I might find it? I haven't used eBay for quite some time.

    update: I think it goes into a bank account now. How do I delete this thread?
  2. Dave

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    Contact a Gort who can help with your request.
  3. cwitt1980

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    Carbondale, IL USA
    If it's been awhile since you've sold, they'll hold onto the money for a little bit. Probably just a precaution that you're not a scam. They probably wait until there's at least some form of tracking on an item.

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