Eddie Van Halen's health?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by WarEagleRK, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. leemelone

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    The funny thing is that I have two picks I got from Eddie in concert and both are plastic. I got one from the '87 5150 tour and one from the '98 VH III tour.
  2. Sear

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    I hope he gets better soon
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    It's a shame all of the damage smoking has caused. It's really catching up to our rock n roll heroes now.
  4. Partyslammer

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    A recent photo of Eddie......

  5. Bingo Bongo

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    Prognosis doesn't sound good.

    May the Rocks Gods be with you Eddie!
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  7. GodShifter

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    He does NOT look good there. Puffy in the face. Something is definitely amiss.
  8. BeatleBruceMayer

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    According to VH's first manager, EVH is not the brightest bulb in the bush. He wrote in his book that he had to explain to Ed that his groupie girlfriend could not have gotten pregnant with his child when she was only giving him oral sex. So him believing his cancer is from a pick makes total sense.
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    I think someone’s having a laugh on that one.
  10. keifspoon

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    You don't have to be a doctor to know that smoking kills millions of people every year. It's a fact of life (and death).
  11. vamborules

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    I hope the absolute best for Eddie. And I hope for health and the ability to grace us with his badass guitar playing for years to come
  13. Deuce66

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    Chemo can cause edema (swelling due to fluid retention) sometimes called moon face.
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    Just started page 2 and arguments have already emerged in a thread about a guitar God having cancer...:rolleyes:

    I hope he gets through this the man is a legend and guitar hero of mine.
  15. unclefred

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    Just wait till the usual suspects show up It'll be 25 pages of bickering. :agree:
  16. kwadguy

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    TMZ is almost always right about this kind of thing. There isn't enough info in that article to determine how bad it is.
  17. Tullman

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    It must be bad if he is going to Germany...
  18. WhoTapes1

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    I just saw a post on Twitter where David Bertinelli was telling VH author Greg Renoff that he spoke with Eddie less than 2 weeks ago and said he sounded fine; the same as he has always sounded. Hopefully this is some good news.
  19. Farmer Mike

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    For all the dysfunction in his band, I give Eddie and Valerie credit for how they've conducted their relationship. They attended each other's weddings and remained very friendly and cordial with each other and their respective families. As a divorced and remarried person, let me tell ya, the relationship those two have is very rare.
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  21. artfromtex

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    I pray he has a full recovery.
  22. MikeManaic61

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    Haven't heard much of his music other than knowing his name but all goes well.

    What really makes me sad, is that are some people that I know who smoke like a chimney since they were adolescents.
  23. vinylontubes

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    I'm not suggesting he isn't sick. But end of life diseases/disorders are almost always scary for those involved. If anybody within a family gets a diagnosis of Cancer, the family will more than often over-react, even if the case for cure is high. Over-react might be an overstatement, I have to admit. Any situation where a life quickly can be taken because things accelerate is cause to hasten amends. But I've been through situations in life where people I've know have had brain cancer and fought through if for years. And others who were diagnosed with a 95% chance of curing breast cancer, only to go to their funerals a month later. My point is that there is always going to be an over-reaction for those close to you. The media's interpretation of the actual events can easily be misinterpretation of the actual odds especially when speculation is based on words crafted to protect the privacy of those inquired about. Still, I do hope and pray for the best for Eddie.

    Please don't take this post as a suggest that Cancer is actually the disease. I only use it as an example. The situation applies similarly for disorders like dementia. You reach pointlessness very quickly if the person you've made amends with forgets the event happened.
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  24. Oliver

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    What's scary though with cancer even if he looks "decent" there's always a chance things go downhill fast. Wasn't there pictures of Bowie all dressed up and on the town only to die a month later? That's what I worry about with Ed, it's just gonna happen.
  25. Exile On My Street

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    Best wishes to Eddie with whatever is ailing him.

    This is a person who has had health issues dating back to '95 at only 40 years old when he needed hip surgery. Then it was the tongue cancer in 2000 and emergency surgery for diverticulitis in 2012.

    I agree with those that feel his heavy smoking, drinking and drug use has most likely contributed to many of his health issues.

    Get well soon!

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