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Edward G Robinson

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by mike s in nyc, Sep 7, 2020.

  1. mike s in nyc

    mike s in nyc Forum Resident Thread Starter

    new york, NY
    Hi, so, lately, I've been on a bit of a search lately to watch many of the films of Edward G Robinson .. seems that turner classic movies show a number of his films. To date, I've seen (and generally liked a great deal) the following films he's been in

    The amazing Dr Clitterhouse (with bogart)
    Brother Orchard (with bogart)
    Key Largo (also with bogart)
    Larceny Inc (which woody allen used as the template for his film 'small time crooks')
    The stranger (with , and directed by, orson welles)
    Double Indemnity
    Soylent green (his last film)

    I have sitting on my dvr, five star final and kid galahad, neither of which i've seen yet.

    anyone have any thoughts on these movies, and or some other fave edward g films?
  2. smilin ed

    smilin ed Forum Resident

    All good - as are The Woman in the Window, Little Caesar, The Sea Wolf, Scarlet Street, Night has a Thousand Eyes, Bullets or Ballots, Cheyenne Autumn (though this is something of a cameo), Cincinnati Kid, Barbary Coast - and more!
  3. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    The Ten Commandments...
  4. Purple Jim

    Purple Jim Forum Resident

    One of my all time favourites. He was terrific in The Sea Wolf:

  5. stepeanut

    stepeanut Sonic Art Union


    BILLONEEG Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    What a great actor! I recently discovered more of his films & I am buying them.
    I've always known about "The Ten Commandments" & "Key Largo" but the ones
    I've recently seen I highly recommend. They are:
    The Whole Town's Talking (Dual role - With Jean Arthur & Arthur Hohl)
    Bullets or Ballots (With Humphrey Bogart & Joan Blondell)
    Kid Galahad (With Bette Davis & Humphrey Bogart)
    Scarlet Street (With Joan Bennett & Dan Duryea)
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  7. Holerbot6000

    Holerbot6000 Forum Resident

    It's actually Brother ORCHID and it's one of his very best. :righton:

    I would also recommend The Red House, a creepy Noir about a man with a terrible secret, featuring a very young and very voluptuous Julie London.
  8. Big Jimbo

    Big Jimbo Forum Resident

    He appeared during a bat climb on “Batman” discussing art and the Mona Lisa with the Dynamic Duo.
  9. jwoverho

    jwoverho Senior Member

    Mobile, AL USA
    He was far more than the character he played in LITTLE CAESAR.

    The noirs ( Scarlett Street and Woman in the Window, for example) are great.

    He was wonderful and very moving in SOYLENT GREEN.
  10. vince

    vince Stan Ricker's son-in-law

    "Maaa, see!"
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  11. JAuz

    JAuz Forum Resident

    Such a great actor and somebody whose films I look forward to exploring beyond the famous ones.

    Double Indemnity must be one of the best, though he's in more of a supporting role.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2020
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  12. rockerreds

    rockerreds Forum Resident

    He and I wear the same size shoe!
  13. finslaw

    finslaw muzak to my ears

    He stars in 2 of my top 50 films of all time.

    Scarlet Street
    The Red House
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  14. hbbfam

    hbbfam Forum Resident

    He was outstanding in Arthur Miller's All My Sons with Burt Lancaster. As mentioned Sea Wolf, Double Indemnity, The Stranger all great. Gotta start with Little Caesar (Mother of mercy, is this the end of Ricco).
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  15. That's Mr. Foghat

    That's Mr. Foghat Forum Resident

    exit 7a, NJ
  16. Dennis Metz

    Dennis Metz Born In A Motor City!

    Fonthill, Ontario
    I used to love his pipe tobacco
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  17. Purple Jim

    Purple Jim Forum Resident

  18. MPLRecords

    MPLRecords Owner of nine copies of Tug of War

    Rochester, NY
    Key Largo is probably his finest work, but I have a soft spot for The Last Gangster.
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  19. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Mastering Engineer Your Host

    Great band.
  20. EddieMann

    EddieMann I used to be a king...

    Geneva, IL. USA.
    Little Giant is another good one.
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  21. Ignatius

    Ignatius Forum Resident

    Night Gallery, "The Messiah On Mott Street".
  22. antoniod

    antoniod Forum Resident

    Boy to repent-the-end is near guy: "Are you the Messiah?" Guy: "I AM HE!!" Boy: "I just want you to know I don't need the Hot Dogs and lemonade, just make my Grandfather well" Guy: "FORGET ABOUT YOUR GRANDFATHER! YOU GRANDFATHER IS DOOMED, AND YOU ARE DOOMED!!" Stranger who might be the Messiah: "Hey, get away from here and stop scaring little kids!".
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  23. antoniod

    antoniod Forum Resident

    ILLEGAL(1955), an interesting throwback to Robinson's early films. It's a remake of 1932's THE MOUTHPIECE(which Robinson was originally set to star in)with Robinson as a Lawyer who is wracked with guilt over sending an innocent Man to the chair. After a drinking binge, he hits on the idea of defending people who are obviously guilty. It includes the drinking-poison-in-court-and-getting-his-stomach-pumped scene from the original that had been parodied in a 30s Harry Langdon short. It's fascinating to see Robinson go back full circle to his early years. and the film's trailer proclaims he's playing "the kind of role that made him a great star"!
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  24. vince

    vince Stan Ricker's son-in-law

    Sadly, the scene on "The Simpsons" when Chief Wiggam meets Edward G. Robinson is NOT on the YouTube!
    Robinson: "I'm gonna kill ya', see?"
    He shoots Wiggam.
    Wiggam: "I always thought I'd die of Hepatitis......C."
  25. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    what was it?

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