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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by indy mike, Oct 6, 2001.

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    Calling all tube dudes - help! What's the relationship of the EL-34 to the 6CA7 tubes found in so many amps? Which came first, is one a knockoff of the other, and why is the EL-34 so beloved while the 6CA7 receives little or no mention. Thanx in advance!
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    Uh, what came first, the chicken or the egg...

    The 6CA7 *IS* the EL-34. The only seperation is the military reference to...calling something six or half dozen. Yep! Same! In fact, if you sell EL34's on eBay you'd be silly not to mention in the list "6CA7" as well. People try searching for both numbers. (The main difference is manufacturers calling something A and the military calling something B in most cases).

    It's not like a 6SL7 and a 5691. The 5691 is a big-poppa 6SL7, more rugged tube with more girth and grandure. People say they're the best, but I don't think so at all. With these, both will fit the designation, but the reference of 5691 really means 6SL7 with extra big balls, in lamen's terms.

    But a 6SL7 is not a 6V6. Yep, I see you're confused!

    Lately, people call the 6CA7 an El-34 in most catalogues. Check thetubestore.com to get the idea. Some tubes are direct replacements, some are tube variations of the same principle, therefore, interchangeable. Some just seem similar, but that's just it - not alike. For instance, a 12AU7 is NOT a 12AX7, and you cannot interchange them in the same app. They're kissing cousins, but not anything closer.

    The name game is well documented in tube land on the web. An education is just a few searches away. Most people will only be inetrested in the tubes that are designated for THEIR amp only. If you have a certain couple O tubes in mind, check www.audioasylum.com (Tubes) and use the search engine to find answers to questions already asked.
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