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    This was quickly determined to not be actual legit cover art for "Sweet Insanity." Its original source is a book called "The Greatest Albums You'll Never Hear":


    It's a book about unreleased albums, and for whatever reason (whether legal or artistic), the book commissioned newly-created fan art for most or all of the albums in question. This included "Sweet Insanity."

    Now, apparently, for whatever reason, someone was really into this cover art but only had a picture of the inside of the book rather than an actual scan of it, and thus then made their own custom re-creation.

    So what is seen above is a fan-made custom re-creation of a custom, non-legit newly-created cover for the album.
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    I can’t speak for anybody else, but recently when I’ve referenced “Time of Our Life” as being a bit reminiscent of the work of Mike Love, I’ve been talking very specifically about *that* song alone, and specifically about the *lyrics* of the song.

    Whatever Jeff’s production/arrangement inclinations or patterns over the years (and obviously he has many hallmarks), none of those are evocative of anything to do with Mike Love in my opinion. Jeff having many recognizeable production ticks over the years is nothing like what Mike Love has displayed creatively.

    The only time I’ve ever for a moment thought of Mike Love while listening to anything Jeff has ever done was when I processed the lyrics to “Time of Our Life”, which, like Love’s work over the years (sometimes), has a lot of self-referential lyrics, including singing about one’s own concert, referencing one’s own old lyrics/song titles, etc. *This* is something Mike Love has done many times arguably all the way back to the late 60s, but much more so starting in the 80s and then into the 90s and so on. It’s lazy and often comes off as self-congratulatory.

    Jeff has done a very mild version of this for one song on this new album. Not a big deal at all, and I doubt it portends a bunch of similar songs thematically.
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    Thank you. I had a hard time understanding how anyone could compare the two, but this makes sense.
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    Fair enough...and likewise, my comments were my opinion only...was certainly not trying to put words in anyone else's mouth, er post...
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    Just heard a radio Advert for new ELO album on Global's LBC News channel in the UK a few minutes ago.
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    Was Electric Light Orchestra in this book with Secret Messages or The Lost Planet, then what about Jeff Lynne's follow-up solo album from the 1990's?
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    I remember seeing M Love, sack the others on TV, because they were too old. The look of shock and anger, was a sight to see.
  8. Fun fact: Roy Wood was also at the same show!

    Thanks for that - I was aware of the book, though I had no idea this particular cover was something created especially for it. Still, the end result is better (and a lot more tasteful) than some of the alternatives I've seen over the years.
  9. If my book ends up being delayed yet again, it's only because I missed the latest deadline by seconds...

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    I wonder how much of Jeff Lynne's upcoming performance on Radio 2 In Concert will be different from his 2015 one? Surely the BBC require a change in setlist for repeat performances. For reference, the setlists of Paul Weller's 2015 and 2018 performances (to my eye, not one repeat):

    Even if the setlist doesn't change massively, it would be nice to hear some variations of fan favourites, including the recent inclusion of a brief section from Eldorado Overture during the 2019 performances of Can't Get It Out Of My Head or perhaps a stripped back version of Steppin' Out or Evil Woman à la the recent ASCAP Pop Awards performance. One can dream...

    On another note, I had a dream last night that Sony/Legacy issued a career retrospective for ELO in a replica spaceship designed to mirror the OOTB cover--not the cardboard one--except it opened up to reveal a set of 30 CDs, 2 CDs for each album, one CD featuring a flat transfer of each album's contents with a second disc reserved for live performances, outtakes and instrumentals, plus two extra CDs of the complete Bungalow Palace acoustic sessions, the 1973 demos (in decent quality) and the famed Garden Rehearsals. Again, one can dream...
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  12. I'm guessing Jeff will add those two recent singles to his setlist, but due to the format, I'd expect the BBC show to be structured around ELO's most familiar hits, including the ubiquitous Mr. Blue Sky. Saying that, One More Time would be a perfect way to welcome Richard back, though I still don't know if he'll be making his return with this performance or the Earthrise live debut just two days later...

    Ambitious as that idea may be, I'd more than happily give up the chance to hear anything else from the vaults if it meant I could sample the Garden Rehearsals and Jeff's home demos from around the same period. Richard once described the early versions of Hello My Old Friend and Danger Ahead as being superior to their eventual studio counterparts, which makes their current unreleased status all the more puzzling. Of course, it's unlikely Jeff would ever approve the full band run-through of Beatles Forever that supposedly exists, but I'm surprised Motor Factory hasn't been released yet - especially as his final vocal take had to be wiped from the multitrack in order to make room for the new lyrics that formed what eventually became Rock 'N' Roll Is King, making this perhaps the only surviving document of another missing piece of the bigger Secret Messages puzzle. If nothing else, can't we just receive Time in its recently discovered 2LP form, complete with a soundboard recording from the subsequent tour? Just what are those two previously undocumented outtakes?
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    Nope — only mention of Lynne/ELO in the book is one time in reference to his working on “Sweet Insanity.”
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    Is the exact track list of Time 2LP available to see? Probably I lost something important on this thread...
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  15. A1 - Prologue
    A2 - Twilight
    A3 - Yours Truly, 2095
    A4 - Ticket To The Moon
    A5 - The Way Life’s Meant To Be
    B1 - When Time Stood Still
    B2 - Julie Don’t Live Here
    B3 - [UNKNOWN]
    B4 - Another Heart Breaks
    C1 - Rain Is Falling
    C2 - From The End Of The World
    C3 - The Lights Go Down
    C4 - Here Is The News
    D1 - 21st Century Man
    D2 - The Bouncer
    D3 - [UNKNOWN]
    D4 - Hold On Tight
    D5 - Epilogue
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    Great! Thanks a lot.
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    Thoughts? Like his musical style, the man's voice is timeless...

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    Nice, thanks! :cool:

    Will the latter be in your book?
  19. To the best of my ability, I'll be covering every known early running order for Time and Secret Messages, including two I don't believe have been openly shared as of yet... Sorry for being so cryptic, but I have reasons for wanting to protect certain sources, including the fact they've been previously sought by people connected to Jeff whose goal is to try and return such acetates back to ELO's own archive. At each stage of this project, I made a conscious decision not to compromise, and that extends to ensuring those who may have paid considerable amounts to build up their private collections hopefully get to keep their most prized items while also having the option to pass on whatever information they're comfortable with doing, safe in the knowledge I'm simply looking to produce the most detailed book I possibly can.
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    :shrug: Maybe those tracks are on some other releases.
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    I saw ELO in the states a month earlier, first week of November.
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  22. Based on the information I've compiled, there are several tracks exclusive to these test pressings, plus there's at least one further acetate of alternate mixes and edits that has contents not available anywhere else...
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    Speaking of concert soundboard recordings (as in whether one exists for the Time Tour), I purchased the soundboard recording of Wing's last full concert in Glasgow in December 1979. It is called "Last Flight" and has several titles, but the concert sounds fantastic! McCartney has never officially released the concert and he evidently tolerates this out in the public domain.

    Several songs from that album showed up on later McCartney releases and "Coming Up" went to #1 in the states in May 1980.

    Too bad he had to bring pot on the plane to Tokyo (after signing an affidavit that he wouldn't bring drugs to Japan) - the Japan tour was cancelled, and European and American tours fell by the wayside too. Wings was to have toured America in the Summer of 1980, when they had a #1 single. That would have been a fitting end to Wings.
  24. Since we're just weeks away from finally being able to enjoy Secret Messages in (almost) its originally intended 2LP form on CD, here's a little something I recently finished compiling for my book:


    Where there are currently gaps in my information, I'm hoping to have these filled very soon as this project nears the finish line... Good luck "rolling your own," everyone, and thanks for all the support!
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    Jeff Lynne on CBS Sunday Morning for November 3rd, 2019, this weekend...


    This week on "Sunday Morning" (November 3) - CBS News

    Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra, with correspondent David Pogue.

    MUSIC: Jeff Lynne, the reluctant rock star
    The co-founder of the '70s rock band Electric Light Orchestra, which has such hits as "Livin' Thing," "Showdown," "Mr. Blue Sky" and "Evil Woman," has brought ELO back. David Pogue sits down with Lynne, the singer, songwriter and producer who's also brought his touch to such artists as George Harrison, Tom Petty and Aerosmith.

    For more info:

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