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Elton John new 2018 remasters shm.

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by swintonlion, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. ShallowMemory

    ShallowMemory Classical Princess

    I use a seller based in Japan like that. Super reliable and no nasty surprises this end!
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  2. bob_32_116

    bob_32_116 Forum Resident

    Perth Australia
    The CD version I bought was a single CD. I did not realise until some time afterwards that it was missing three tracks - Shoulder Holster, The Wide-Eyed and Laughing, and Out of the Blue.

    The funny thing is, I should have felt cheated, but I didn't. Out of the Blue is OK; I never liked either of the other two. I could also happily live without Boogie pilgrim or If there's a God in Heaven, both of which drag themselves out and overstay their welcome.

    Blue Moves contains some of his best songs - mostly in the first half - but boy was it bloated. A classic example of a double album that shold not have been. unlike Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, which has nothing that I would delete.
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  3. bob_32_116

    bob_32_116 Forum Resident

    Perth Australia
    Until I followed the link I thought this was a joke. I just assumed that, given where we are, that it stood for "Stgeve Hoffman Music" or "Steve Hoffman Manufacturing" or something similar.
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  4. Oyster Boy

    Oyster Boy Forum Resident

    I had a truncated version. It was an import to the UK and was a US MCA in a long box if memory serves. It was the only way to get the album on CD in the late eighties. Personally, I can live without Shoulder Holster, but love the rest of the tracks. The whole album may be a victim of its own diversity.

    Elton John - Blue Moves
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  5. Bobby Morrow

    Bobby Morrow Forum Resident

    We probably use the same one.:D

    A lot quicker than CDJapan too.
  6. toilet_doctor

    toilet_doctor "Rockin' chair's got me"

    Please read thread
    Japan Mini LP SHM-CDs - New Releases, George Harrison and more
    Post #420, Page 17 for correct info.
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  7. kitt1987

    kitt1987 Forum Resident

    I'd personally wait through Christmas if they were holding up to add SACD layers to these releases.
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  8. fredblue

    fredblue Surrounded by Music

    London, England
    dull but true story, back when Gus' Classic Years remasters were in full flow, I made enquiries with Universal as to whether/when one could expect a Blue Moves remaster complete with all the tracks, resulting in a phone conversation with a rep, quaint now maybe but this was before emailing de rigeur, to the effect that "there were no plans to remaster Blue Moves".. 'sad, so sad'.. yet all was not lost, for only a short while later I got a phone call from HMV Oxford Street (with whom I'd left my details relating to a different Elton release) to say that a 2-CD remaster of Blue Moves would be released in a matter of months and would I like to reserve a copy!? well, as you can imagine, I was wide-eyed and legless, i mean laughing, that day, i tell ya! :laugh:

    somehow I think we'll get a complete Blue Moves this time, possibly a fresh new fabulous remaster, who knows.. but i can't deny i'd rather something genuinely distinct/new/interesting was on the horizon, like the Greg Penny 5.1 remixes, or a compilation of 80's B-Sides, etc.. i may have bleated on about that here before.. oh well.. I'll still get all/most of these, in the hope they might be different from/an improvement upon the umpteen versions of each album we've already got.. roll on August ;)
  9. Funky Meadows

    Funky Meadows Forum Resident

    CDJapan states that it includes "Boogie Pilgrim". It's a 2 CD set after all. All 18 tracks are there.
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  10. Funky Meadows

    Funky Meadows Forum Resident

    Hoping that these are remasters, although according to the blurb ( on CDJapan's site), "Comes with an obi which faithfully replicates its Japanese first pressing LP design. Features 2018 remastering based on the original UK master tapes (subject to change). That last little sentence causes a bit of uneasiness.
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  11. Bobby Morrow

    Bobby Morrow Forum Resident

    It does.

    I wonder if the delay is because they can’t access the ‘UK master tapes’ and are having to dig out the 1995 Gus remasters again.

  12. lukpac

    lukpac Senior Member

    Milwaukee, WI
    Why uneasiness? It says they are new remasters.
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  13. Oyster Boy

    Oyster Boy Forum Resident

    @toilet_doctor has stated that the 'subject to change' only refers to use of the UK master tapes and not the remastering itself.
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  14. Funky Meadows

    Funky Meadows Forum Resident

    Gotcha! --Thanks for the clarification.

    In case the UK masters aren't 'available', what source(s) would be used?
  15. Oyster Boy

    Oyster Boy Forum Resident

    No idea unfortunatley:(
  16. Bemagnus

    Bemagnus Music is fun

    Don t think so. Guess the product is already finished including eventual remaster. There could be all kind of logistical issues to explain the delay. Anyway Im lookin forward to the six CD s I ordered in this collection.
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  17. Plan9

    Plan9 Mastering Engineer

    Toulouse, France
    Japan copy tape, hopefully a flat 1:1 copy and not a mastered-for-LP tape. This source turned out great for Gaucho.
  18. snowman872

    snowman872 Forum Resident

    Wilcox, AZ
    Steve Hoffman Mastering
  19. fredblue

    fredblue Surrounded by Music

    London, England
    hoorah! :goodie:
    oops! i mean, shoorah! :shh:
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  20. walrus

    walrus Forum Resident

    Minneapolis, MN
    It bums me out there isn't a good sounding digital version of a complete Blue Moves.
  21. Flaming Torch

    Flaming Torch Forum Resident

    As usual for me I am very confused. Am I right in thinking that for good or bad the forthcoming 13 Elton albums on SHM mini sleeve are a new mastering from 2018 as per the info on CDJapan. I have a whole load of earlier Elton mini sleeves one lot just normal cd and the other SHM. Sleeves beautifully done as always from Japan. These no doubt will also look great.
  22. Plan9

    Plan9 Mastering Engineer

    Toulouse, France
    Apparently yes. It is the source for these new masterings that is still unclear.
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  23. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    I am pretty impressed with the shm-sacd of Yellow Brick Road. Hope these will be great also.
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  24. Oyster Boy

    Oyster Boy Forum Resident

    If I had the albums already as mini-LPs and SHM, I think I would wait and see the reports on the new mastering before I ordered. The draw for me is partly that I haven't got any Japanese Elton albums so want the packaging as I love Japanese CDs and Elton is my favourite male solo artist. TBH, I would probably still get them if they used the 95 masters.
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  25. JamesRR

    JamesRR Trashcan Dream

    Couldn't these potentially have the Bob Ludwig mastering featured on the recent vinyl reissues?

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