Elusive Disc - 15% Off Vinyl & Digital Starts Now!

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    Elusive Disc

    Simply enter 'SAVE15' in our Promotional Code Field in your Shopping Cart when you place ANY order. Your 15% discount will be automatically reflected on our website on eligible music titles.
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    Don't they have sales with that discount very regularly? Or am I thinking of another retailer?
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    The 3 major retailers in this space, including Acoustic Sounds and Music Direct generally run comparable sales.
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    albany, ny
    Great Deals @ Elusive Disc right now

    Roy Orbison Sings Lonely and Blue 45 RPM 2-LP Bernie Grundman mastering $24.99
    Roy Orbison In Dreams 45 RPM 2-LP Bernie Grundman mastering $24.99

    rounded out my order with Dylan JWH Stereo MoFi SACD and Love De Capo MFSL SACD for $14.99 each!
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