Elvis at the International Hotel Las Vegas 1969 Box Set

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    https://eu.commercialappeal.com/story/n ... 576104001/

    50th anniversary box set, digital reissue will celebrate Elvis Presley’s triumphant 1969
    Bob Mehr Memphis Commercial Appeal
    Published 10:00 AM EDT Jun 27, 2019

    Elvis Presley’s famed December '68 Comeback Special was just the beginning of a period that would find the King’s career fully revived in 1969. Now, 50 years later, Sony/Legacy is celebrating Elvis' annus mirabilis with a new box set and deluxe digital reissue chronicling his studio and stage work.

    On Aug. 9, the label will release “Live 1969,” an 11-disc set documenting multiple shows from Presley’s August 1969 engagement at Las Vegas’ International Hotel — his first concert performances in eight years.

    The box set will include four shows being released in full for the first time ever — as well as two concerts from the run that have remained unheard for a half century. The package also includes a 52-page booklet with rare photos, memorabilia and an oral history by author Ken Sharp. In addition, there will be a separate vinyl release, a 2-LP set titled “Live at the International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV August 26, 1969,” documenting Presley’s midnight show.

    While the summer of ’69 saw Elvis flourishing on stage, he actually kicked off the year with a return to serious music making in the studio. As it happened, the hottest band, producer and recording facility in the world were right in Presley's backyard of Memphis.

    Over the years, producer Lincoln “Chips” Moman and his American Sound Studio — located on Thomas Street in North Memphis — had grown into a monster. Moman had recruited a crack unit of players from the house bands at Hi Records and Phillips Records to form the American Studio group, known as The Memphis Boys: guitarist Reggie Young, drummer Gene Chrisman, pianist Bobby Wood, organist Bobby Emmons and bassists Mike Leech and Tommy Cogbill.

    The lineup, mostly with Moman behind the board, would become a hit-making machine in the latter half of the '60s, working up a series of chart smashes for artists like the Box Tops ("The Letter''), Dusty Springfield ("Son of a Preacher Man''), Neil Diamond ("Sweet Caroline''), B.J. Thomas ("Hooked on a Feeling'') and Bobby Womack ("Fly Me To The Moon"). Earlier this week, The Memphis Boys, were named among the 2019 class for the Memphis Music Hall of Fame.

    The collaboration between Elvis, Moman and The Memphis Boys would result in Presley's return to the charts, as “Suspicious Minds” reached No. 1, and the resulting album, “From Elvis in Memphis," would become a gold-selling global smash hit.

    On Aug. 23, Sony/Legacy will put out a comprehensive digital collection of the sessions called “American Sound 1969.” According to the label, the set features “over 90 tracks of rare and unreleased material" from Elvis’ American Sound Studio sessions.

    Both “Live 1969” and “American Sound 1969” are available for pre-order at Elvis.com.
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    All the live tapes from 1969 PLUS another box-set of all the American
    Sound recording sessions? Oh, gawd. I was going to buy two matched
    lenses for my camera. Decisions, decisions. One of the boxes may have
    to wait until September. Or ...
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    So, am I the first one here to voice their displeasure at the studio set being digital-only?
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    Digital only but neatly divided into 'discs'? Is it everything that is released via the FTD's? Have they have listened to the fans bemoaning the usual there's nothing new here? Is this 'the future'?
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    Yeah, it blows. I mean, I already have all the FTD sets, but I could have been lured into investing in this, if only to have all the outtakes in order. Ah well, money saved.

    Can I also say the coloring on the "cover" makes Elvis look particularly ghoulish!
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    I don't like the cover, either. Elvis looks as if he just sat up on the
    surgical table.

    I'm okay with digital CD-only American Sound. I've been wanting
    to hear these sessions organized into chronological order and now
    I'll be able to do that. If you think about it we already have the
    good stuff on vinyl, and going for insane prices because FTD didn't
    press enough quantity.
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  13. Wow! So they're finally going the digital download route. It says the download is available for pre-order now at Elvis.com but - unless I'm missing it - I don't see it on the site. Was hoping it's there as I'd like to see if they're offering a lossless version.
  14. Good, then I'm not missing anything by bailing on this ridiculous $50 teaser.

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    According to this site, it's the midnight show:

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    Well, I'm enthused about all three releases. I'm getting them.
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    Interesting that the Bee Gees song "Words" was only done at a couple of shows. I thought that was the highlight of the original album.
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    I'm a digital fan, but, still would liked to have seen a CD box set of the American Sound 1969 set.

    And am I missing something, or are they not indicating which track was the master for the American Sound set?
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    Wait a minute -- no hard media for the American Sound sessions?
    I thought it was a CD box-set and a download release at the same time.
    No CD release?
    Damn. Totally unreasonable.
  23. This is almost a no-win situation for the label. If it was a physical-only release, there would be complaints that all but something like 10 tracks were already on FTDs that people spent a good amount of money for. A combo physical release and download release might make it tough to recoup their investment for creating the physical products as sales would be split to some degree. But being download only, you alienate those who want a physical release.

    Considering the above, I think this (download only) is the best option as those that have the FTDs can 'just' purchase the tracks they don't have, those who don't have any of this material don't need to shell out for the FTDs.

    Now if the material is only available as lossy MP3's I reserve the right to change my opinion :D
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    "Elvis hadn't performed on stage in over 11 years."

    Pretty major error there. These mistakes are kind of inexcusable, given available resources online.

    Elvis delivered three benefit shows in 1961, two in Memphis (February 25) and another in Honolulu (March 25).

    When he stepped on stage in Las Vegas on July 31, 1969, exactly eight years, four months and six days had passed.

    And Presley had delivered four live TV performances just a year earlier, in Burbank on June 27 and 29, 1968, for his stunning NBC special "Singer Presents Elvis!"
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    I haven’t had a chance to look at the link yet, but what are the unreleased, exclusive tracks to this download release?
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