Elvis Costello on Rhino--time to reevaluate?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by edb15, Oct 10, 2007.

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  1. Matty

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    Interesting. Would they be getting different running times if they used their computer or iTunes, say, to get the total time rather than reading the time from a regular CD player?

    I long ago sold my Columbia Costellos, but the library a couple of town over from me has a few of them, and I borrowed them a year or so ago. I do specifically remember that the running time for My Aim Is True matched (either exactly or within a second or two) the time that the secret remaster is supposed to have (35:59). They also had Columbia versions of Armed Forces and Imperial Bedroom and I think one other, but I don't recall whether I checked whether they were originals or remasters.

    If I'm nearby in the week or two I'll try to stop by and borrow the other Columbias and check the times, unless others here have already addressed the running time issue by then.
  2. dead of night

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    Northern Va, usa
    Hi, I have located a Get Happy on Columbia with the total running time of 48:25, according to the seller. Is this the "secret remaster" that sounds very good?
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