Elvis Presley FTD CD reissues (part 6)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by hodgo, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. ClausH

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    Aloha needs a remix badly. The 1998 remix is average at best and the remix on the dvd is better but lossy. Hopefully the new mix is great so that the older discs can be retired.
    The Quad mix would have been a nice bonus but I doubt it'll ever be released digitally.
  2. minkahed

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    While I believe this assessment is correct, at least the selections will be, in order, as they were recorded.

    It should be, regardless.
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  3. minkahed

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    I've mentioned this about a year and 1/2 ago, but someone said that with these "sessions sets" FTD has been producing and releasing that this was impossible.
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  4. Pants Party

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    This should have received a 2-disc, 7x7 classic album package. Why? -- because they haven't done one yet.

    And the entire 2nd disc on here is simply the rehearsal concert remix that we already have in the affordable Legacy package. If you toss that out, you have a lean 2-dsic, FTD classic album. Complete with a remix and the 3am sessions to warrant FTD fans rebuy the darn thing. Exactly what many of us have asked for.

    Did they listen? Not really. Instead they repackaged the 1/12 show to warrant the big "sessions" sticker price. While I'm mildly intrigued by the remix, I'm afraid this FTD relationship has become a one-way fling. I'm not paying $60 for a Ross-Spang remix.

    I need a shower.
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  5. prostx23

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    I preordered the Aloha Set from Shop Graceland (3/15 ship date? is what they are showing on the site). I was sorely disappointed with the 1998 remix of the main show. I was hoping for something more in line with the 1988 Alternate Aloha mix, which I realize has it's flaws, but IMO, was an exciting, aggressive, mix. Hopefully, I'll be happy with the mix this go round and can finally stop re-buying this show, lol.
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  6. When In Rome

    When In Rome It's far from being all over...

    It's also quite tempting to believe there will be an Aloha 50th box, if you think about the 68 box, aside from the blu-ray, much was recycled from the previous TV Special FTD and everything from the 2008 40th anniversary box (well, okay, not everything - I'm looking at you 'A little less conversation'!). They know the Elvis fan market can't resist* a big box and that for the most part of the cost for them it becomes just a big repackaging affair.
    *Though I resisted for a long while till the price dropped on the 68 box... :D
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  7. MarkusGermany

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    Rheinberg, Germany
    Interesting release
  8. Please tell this image from the original LP’s inner sleeve is used somewhere on the new FTD release:

  9. Hooperfan

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    New York
    Looks legit to me :D
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  10. I don’t even know where to being with it - the poorly cropped hair, the mic cable that goes nowhere, the sheer audacity of the notion that Elvis would actually be standing there in that outfit! As many of us have said before, it’s a miracle Elvis was as popular as he was through the years in spite of his record company’s best efforts to apparently derail him!
  11. Hooperfan

    Hooperfan Your friendly neighborhood candy store owner

    New York
    Not the first time Elvis got cut and pasted

    [​IMG] https://s1.img.bidsquare.com/item/xl/5029/5029537.jpeg
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  12. When In Rome

    When In Rome It's far from being all over...

    I can't see the image but is it this one?

    I may have said this before but imagine the scenario...
    "Hey girls, Elvis is doing a Hawaii show and you're going to have your picture taken with him!"
    "There ya go!"

  13. MrBigFan

    MrBigFan Forum Resident

    Never cared much for any of the Aloha shows myself due to that we have much better live versions of most songs from other shows.
    Many like Steamroller from Aloha….not me as the Memphis version is MUCH better.
  14. croquetlawns

    croquetlawns Forum Resident

    I think that Aloha has arguably the best version of An American Trilogy - that final note is gold! It's also one of the few tracks where the visuals really help sell the song.
  15. MrBigFan

    MrBigFan Forum Resident

    Its definately the best song in the shows but the mix is poor on all concert releases.
    But the mix on Platinum box set is great….no thats a lie its amazing :)
    And TIE overdubbed mix (Hampton 72) is really great,shame that Elvis voice cracks at the very end though.
  16. thenexte

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  17. hodgo

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    I do enjoy Matt Ross-Spang's Elvis work with one notable exception, I hated his drum centric 1969 live mixes. I would have much preferred that Vic Anesini's expert mixing talents had been utilised on that set.
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  18. I see mention in this thread of a FTD book set with 1972 rehearsals and possibly an On Tour (Legacy) set with all shows remixed by MRS and a dupe of the FTD On Tour Rehearsals CD likely to be included.

    Is this definitely happening later this year and are there any links to reliable info sources with further details?
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  19. I've just played the 5.1 version of Aloha summed to two channels and thought it sounded pretty great to be honest. With a very good picture quality I doubt they'll ever improve it much on BD. It's never going to pop in HD anyway.

    With that thought I'll pass on the Aloha release as I never watch or listen to the rehearsal show anymore and the main event is good enough on the DVD for me.
  20. Sebastian

    Sebastian Senior Member

    The only release that has been confirmed officially is the book.

    On Tour Trilogy book - Page 2 - For Elvis CD Collectors

    Everything else is still conjecture. However, Sony will lose their European copyright on the unreleased live shows if they don't release them before 1/1/2023. It's therefore safe to assume that the audio will be released this year.
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  21. Vintage1976

    Vintage1976 Way Out West

    I'm sure someone here has this release Writing For The King.

    Thoughts on it? Seems somewhat scarce on second hand market, but thinking of picking up.

    Not trying to derail current thread.
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  22. I bought it at the time of release and find it one of the better FTD book/CD combos. I think it was around $65 at the time? Might be off on that… But of course the topic interests me - I very much enjoyed reading info from the songwriters as well as listening to their demos. Admittedly this has limited appeal but if it’s of interest to you it’s worth seeking out at a reasonable price. By that I mean $50-$100, I couldn’t fathom paying more than that for it.
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  23. PepiJean

    PepiJean Forum Resident

    I got it several moons ago. I will keep it safely as it is one of my personal favorite FTDs. The CDs are nice - there is an awesome 1969 live version of I GOT A WOMAN plus some really interesting demos - but the real thing is the book. Just the sections dedicated to Otis Blackwell, Leiber & Stoller, Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman are worth the price. It's such a fascinating read. Very very recommended.
  24. Vintage1976

    Vintage1976 Way Out West

    Thanks, I'm very much interested from the songwriter's viewpoint.
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  25. RSteven

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    Out of the dozens of books I have on Elvis, Writing For The King is probably the one I return to most often. Not only are the quotes about the songwriting process fascinating, but their comments on Elvis's brilliant interpretations of their songs are just as interesting.
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