End of the Dylan bootleg series looming?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Carl Steward, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. Carl Steward

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    Castro Valley, CA
    The Sept 19, 2019 Rolling Stone report on the series ended on a pessimistic note. "There are no immediate plans to end the Bootleg Series, but the steep decline in the market for physical product does put its future in some jeopardy," it said. The full report is here.

    Damn, just when I was gearing up for the 12-disc Street Legal blowout!
  2. Dave S

    Dave S Forum Resident

    I think it's more the case of the songs being out of copyright (in Europe at least) for this set.
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  3. AlienRendel

    AlienRendel Forum Resident

    Chicago, il
    maybe nobody wants a "Live at Budokon" box set.
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  4. willwin

    willwin Forum Resident

    How about "Another Down In The Groove" ?
  5. Chemguy

    Chemguy Forum Resident

    Can’t load the article without crashing. My question is who said this?
  6. George P

    George P Notable Member

    The article, written by Andy Greene of Rolling Stone says a source close to the Dylan camp said:

    But the paragraph immediately prior to this states:

  7. Mike McMann

    Mike McMann Forum Resident

    Personally, my decline in purchasing these box sets comes down to the pricing of the sets themselves. I get it that there is value in what is included on some of these as well as the name attached to them but once they cross a certain dollar amount for what I get I'm out.
  8. jewelsnbinoculars

    jewelsnbinoculars Forum Resident

    Washington, DC
    I’d take it. There’s a lot to love in there
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  9. groundharp

    groundharp Maybe your friends think I'm just a stranger

    California Day
    You joke, but no one was clamoring for a Self Portrait outtakes album, yet when it was released, it received rave reviews. Potentially, the same thing could happen with a Down In The Groove outtakes album.
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  10. willwin

    willwin Forum Resident

    could happen
  11. Kiss73

    Kiss73 Forum Resident

    Yup. I haven't bought any since Bootleg 8 with exceptions to Bootleg 10 (2 disc version).
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  12. Jimmy B.

    Jimmy B. Senior Member

    I hope he keeps releasing double CD sets and single CDs, but hope for no more deluxe editions ever.
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  13. Jimmy B.

    Jimmy B. Senior Member

    Good for you!
    I'm glad to hear that - a sensible perspective, not one from someone who's so well-off they think money grows on trees.
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  14. Wugged

    Wugged Forum Resident

    Warsaw, Poland
    We do, we do, we do, WE DOOOOO !!! :D :D
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  15. Wugged

    Wugged Forum Resident

    Warsaw, Poland
    Do find this a surprising comment from them, since us Dylan-heads have made sure the Bootleg Series sold like hot cakes !

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  16. Willowman

    Willowman Forum Resident

    London, UK
    Agreed - even if its just simple concert collections like the Miles Davis Bootleg series - I’m in for more double CD sets.
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  17. Once they started protecting their copyrights in EU the value of the BS was severely diminished.
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  18. Hootsmon

    Hootsmon Forum Resident

    Well said. Much as having the multi-disc sets would be attractive I know that there's every likelihood that they'll only get minimal listens which given their price rules me out. However, the 2-disc sets are ideal for me. For example, I've listened to Another Self Portrait far more than the original album.
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  19. csqmnem89

    csqmnem89 Forum Resident

    morganville, nj
    To me the sales of Tool's latest proves fans will buy physical cds and product! The key is if the product is perceived as quality and is the price reasonable, period. I am a huge Dylan fan and will consider buying any future bootleg series release and have bought all ofnthem so far
    But when so many of these releases are starting to include either vinyl, DVD audio or dare I say marbles) when I just want quality unreleased music on cd i understand why physical sales will go down
    Give us the music please
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  20. AlienRendel

    AlienRendel Forum Resident

    Chicago, il
    I think this is a good point. They create multi-format releases as an excuse to drive the price up, it seems. I think they should do vinyl, cd, dvd, etc but make them into separate packages so people don't end up with multiple copies of the same recording.
  21. Vaughan

    Vaughan Forum Resident

    Essex, UK
    I would.

    I have a sneaky feeling the Deluxe Box Sets will survive. While that latest chart hit may not persuade the kids to buy a CD, the box sets - done right - fit a whole other category.
  22. majorlance

    majorlance Forum Resident

    Collingswood, NJ
    While I've had quibbles with some of the choices made on the "curated" 2-CD sets, I definitely appreciate & will continue to buy them, as I haven't the time, money or inclination to wade through multiple discs/takes/live performances. (Life is short!)

    But I do believe that the "deep dive" material should continue to be made available in some fashion for those who do.
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  23. MRamble

    MRamble Forum Resident

    Why can't they just continue releasing them via their website? The Grateful Dead have a great system of putting out as many deluxe packages as they want, offering both physical and digital options. Why in the world can't Dylan's camp do the same? Don't they want our money?
  24. DTK

    DTK Forum Resident

    I want one to shoot at it with a rifle. That counts?
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  25. Chemguy

    Chemguy Forum Resident


    Now, the Infidel sessions are still in the mix. And whats that great live boot from 25 years ago, from that small venue, where he does Congratulations? That one is a possibility. And all of Toronto from 1980?

    Oh there’s some more, I think.
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