Endless Defective Brand New Vinyl

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Talisman954, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. rstamberg

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    Riverside, CT
    Yeah, damaged album covers get returned for replacement.
  2. Talisman954

    Talisman954 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Latest additions to my vinyl collection include
    U2 30th vinyl edition. Clean copy. No issues
    US Best Of clean copy no issues
    Bowie legacy 2 lp set perfect
    Depeche Mode speak and spell and broken frame 12 inch box sets. Perfect
    Gary Numan the pleasure principle. Vinyl perfect. Artwork arrived bashed up, replacement ordered
    The Beatles 67/70 blue 2 vinyl set. 1st one arrived with bad visual damage lp 1 side 2 track 1. Ordered replacement same issue in the same spot on the replacement.
  3. Talisman954

    Talisman954 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Had Wings Best of from Amazon perfect and quiet
    Gary Numan Telekon 2 lp set arrived today artwork perfect vinyl has bad scratches on side 1 track 1, play tested and it’s very noisy right where the damage is.
    Soft cell the art of falling apart- artwork arrived bent and crushed, inside cases also badly damaged, vinyl seems ok
  4. murphywmm

    murphywmm Goodbye Rainbo Records! You won't be missed.

    I had three packages just arrive today from Juno. Going all the way from the UK to Canada, they all arrived without any damage despite the thin mailers. Same with all previous shipments I've had from them. Then there's Amazon.ca which can't seem to deliver me an undamaged record despite their warehouse being just three hours away from me... :laugh: I would say about half of my Amazon returns are due to their poor packaging.
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  5. Talisman954

    Talisman954 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I had Men at work business as usual MF version arrive today, sealed and badly scratched, so bad infact it jumps.
    Ordered a replacement.
    Ordered Billy Idol Idolize yourself best of vinyl, both copies jump on track 2 side 2 Flesh for fantasy, vinyl has a visual dent, it’s also very bad pressing, noisy as hell.
    Very hit and miss for me lately.
  6. murphywmm

    murphywmm Goodbye Rainbo Records! You won't be missed.

    I also wanted to add... I recently received two Monster Magnet records, on the Napalm Records label via Amazon. For both, the vinyl was actually placed (in its inner sleeve) between the gatefold sleeve rather than inside the pocket. This meant it did not bang around inside the cover and cause seam splits during shipping. I wish other labels would take this common sense approach.
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  7. Talisman954

    Talisman954 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Amazon us is no better, Amazon uk for some reason deliver both perfect vinyl,and undamaged artwork. Just in my experience.
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  8. recordhead

    recordhead Forum Resident

    I buy from Amazon all the time. No real issues.
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  9. richbdd01

    richbdd01 Forum Resident

    Hmmm.... I feel that’s just luck you had careful handling on the way. Amazon are generally oversized mailers so if you drop them, it doesn’t always affect the contents and I’ve had little issue with Amazon. A drop with a Juno mailer and it’s ruined. There is little protection there.
  10. All this just reminds me of the 70's. And then one day a friend of mine bought a CD player.....
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  11. Yeah? Well sorry, this is not an anti-turntable thread.
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  12. I have nothing against turntables. I was just trying to say that vinyl quality has been a long running issue. One I solved by going CD. I like vinyl but just got fed up with the quality issues.
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  13. Terry

    Terry Senior Member

  14. Talisman954

    Talisman954 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Correct it’s not
    Most of the vinyl I have got lately has been perfect, just a few examples of bad quality control will not put me off.
  15. Blue Cactus

    Blue Cactus Forum Resident

    Just won an ebay refund dispute from a seller with a “no returns policy.”
    I bought an 80’s Dutch pressing of Abbey Road that actually had some creases in the vinyl causing the record to skip. Can’t say I’ve dealt with this before but it sure made for nasty skip. Of course the seller claimed it played “just fine” on his equipment.
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  16. GentleSenator

    GentleSenator what if

    Aloha, OR
    classic. but that isn't "brand new vinyl" :tsk:
  17. Blue Cactus

    Blue Cactus Forum Resident

    No it isn’t, but a pretty rare defect especially considering where and when it was pressed.
  18. Ned Bode

    Ned Bode Forum Visitor

    The Midwest
    That's good to know, thanks.
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  19. cporcp

    cporcp Forum Resident

    I too had bad "luck" with Amazon - to the degree that I will no longer order vinyl from them. I'll do cd's, but I'm ordering less of those anyway.

    I returned more warped vinyl and bent sleeves in six months of Amazon than I've done in a years' ordering from eBay and Discogs - in fact, zero from every other source.

    That said, I seem to remember a lot of crappy vinyl buying experiences back in the day though, too - goes with the territory, though buying used NM/M- seems to alleviate most issues.

    Everything I've received from members here has been stellar without exception - my new go-to source.
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  20. DeRosa

    DeRosa Forum Resident

    I got an extremely dished copy of the Feist, reissue of the month from Vinyl Me Please,
    which was a disappointment. GZ Vinyl pressing. Guess they're still cooling
    them too fast to be getting this kind of defect. Shame places don't actually take
    3.5 seconds and QC them before putting them in the inner sleeve. VMP was
    good about sending out a replacement, but the whole thing seems like a waste
    when this kind of product is going all over the globe, ending up in the hands of
    customers, having to do it all twice.
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  21. Satrus

    Satrus Forum Resident

    Cork, Ireland
    I have avoided GZ Vinyl product like the ‘plague’, for many years. However, recently I took a chance on the reissue of U2’s ‘Achtung Baby’ and Ry Cooder’s new album ‘The Prodigal Son’, both pressed at GZ Media in the Czech Republic and I have been very pleasantly surprised! Both albums are really well pressed and it confirms to me that there are different ‘tiers’ of quality from this manufacturer. GZ can very obviously press excellent records based on these two albums but my theory is that ‘cheapskate’ labels will not pay the going rate for this quality and the consumer ends up with the consequences of that. In life you get what you pay for, regardless of what it is you’re buying. That is the only conclusion I can draw from this? I bought both records following positive feedback here on the forum.

    I recently purchased the complete reissue series of the FELT albums from Cherry Red and am awestruck at the superb quality of these records. They are beautifully pressed and very well mastered and sound great on my set up. On the other hand my EU pressing of Paul Simon ‘In the Blue Light’, marketed as a high quality pressing falls short of that due persistent ticks and pops. As far as I can ascertain the Felt and Paul Simon albums are both pressed by Optimal. So quality at Optimal is variable to say the least. Many members here report dissatisfaction with Optimal vinyl.
  22. Talisman954

    Talisman954 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    At,least with Amazon they have a great return policy.
    Example I had a piece of vinyl last week the cover was slightly bent, side 2 lp1 had damage, i order the replacement cover perfect, lp2 had damage, so I was able to create a decent copy from both versions, sad it’s needed but I love vinyl, so it’s worth my effort,
  23. DeRosa

    DeRosa Forum Resident

    I have a love/hate relationship with Optimal pressings, of which I have many.
    When done right, they're great, but i've received a lot of dished or edge-warped copies,
    far too many for a plant that thinks they're doing high quality work.
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  24. Pavol Stromcek

    Pavol Stromcek Formerly thoutah

    SF Bay Area
    I've had both near-perfect and relatively poor pressings from Optimal. Lately, I've encountered at least three records from Optimal with audible scratchy surface noise in the right channel that sort of comes and goes throughout the record, but almost always happens at the beginning of at least one of the sides. Cleaning does nothing. I wonder what it is that causes this?
  25. NewKidInTown

    NewKidInTown Forum Resident

    York, PA, USA
    Thus, the very reason I stopped my VMP subscription...2 returns for the Fugees, and 3 returns for Black Sabbath.

    Even replacement copies were warped, just not as severely. Very frustrating and a shame. Hated that I had to resort to cancelling what I thought would be a really cool experience .

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