Estate sale in Southfield, Mich. Lots of electronics

Discussion in 'Third Party Sales & Auctions' started by Farmer Mike, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. Farmer Mike

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    This sale has a bunch of gear, audio, video and computer stuff:
    Southfield Estate Sale starts on 6/7/2018
    Also lp's, cd's and video. Lots of burned disc's on the first floor, manufactured discs inn the basement. Mostly R&B and jazz, they're in a corner with not much light so bring a flashlight.
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  2. Victor/Victrola

    Victor/Victrola Makng shure its write

    Wowza! Looks like they were running a radio station out of that basement. I'd love to have that Marantz receiver and one of those R2R tape decks.
  3. Farmer Mike

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    It's a pretty swanky man cave in one area and the lair of the king of all media in the other. There is so much home recorded video and audio, I wonder if they were ever able to watch or listen to any of it. While I was there, two guys were on the phone with someone in Africa about a video editing device.

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