EtherREGEN ~ Cleaning those 1s and 0s over Ethernet?

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    So, a new product, the EtherREGEN from Uptone Audio.


    What do you guys think of the science behind this? - fantasy, fact, or worse?

    Other “audiophile” Ethernet switches typically apply clock and power supply modifications to cheap off-the-shelf switches, or simply add passive filter parts to standard magnetics and augment with a separate fancy clock board. EtherREGEN is an all-new from the ground-up design, built on a costly 6-layer circuit board. Its components and topology are unmatched by any other Ethernet switch.

    The heart of what makes our switch so unique is use of ACTIVE, HIGH-SPEED, LOW-JITTER DIFFERENTIAL DIGITAL ISOLATOR chips in conjunction with ULTRA-LOW JITTER DIFFERENTIAL RE-CLOCKING FLIP-FLOPS. No other Ethernet switch on the market does this. Implementing this architecture correctly is difficult and costly!

    Going from port-to-port on the ‘A’ side of EtherREGEN is already better than most any other switch, but crossing our Active Differential Isolation Moat (“ADIM™”)—to its ‘B’ side—brings an unmatched level of Ethernet performance for audio. On the circuit board photos you can see the EtherREGEN’s “moat,” across which sit the differential digital isolators.

    The design methods and innovative ADIM™ of the EtherREGEN results in dual, isolated clock/data/power domains, blockage of all external leakage currents, a significant reduction in upstream phase-noise fingerprint, and maximal signal integrity.
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    What nonsense eh, there is nothing to "clean" as computer networks are not part of the audio chain, TCP/IP ensures the integrity of data packets.
    £640 for a 4 port 100Mbps switch is just robbery.
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    Don't be so naive...rounding-off those 0's and sharpening those 1's is gonna be...stunning! ;)
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  5. Ethernet reclocker?
    They can kiss my hairy ar5e :p
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    This is brilliant.
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    I'm very disappointed by UpTone Audio claiming being the only true audiophile grade network switch without substantiating this claim with a technical comparison to the Melco S100 . I really expected better from a professional company active in the cutting edge technology of binary shampooing and polish.
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    The infamous "K Car" in the background.
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    I assume you are talking about just mid-fi components, in which case you are correct. But for proper audiophile system those switches simply do not cut and usually referred as "poor man Telegärtner Japan Limited M12 Gold Switch".
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    I'm amazed by how many forms the same thread can be reposted which makes a mockery out of claims of ethernet-based sonic improvement devices. I personally don't think there's any merit to these devices other than possible negligible differences in keeping out RF/EM interference but the whole narrative is getting pretty thread please. Making fun of low hanging fruit like this isn't a fresh or evocative dialogue.:blah::shake:
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    Hey, I owned two of those. Great cars!!!
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    So yours is working as advertised?;)
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    This is the last thing I'd buy but these threads are just ridiculous just watching people lathering all over each other.
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    Oh, c'mon, can you lighten up please. What else do you think we can have a little laugh about on this forum? Beatles? :hide:
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    Maybe the actual problem here is you click on threads you're not interested in reading.
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    Yes, this is the obvious solution! :righton::righton: That and I woke up grumpy today.
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    Say, I didn't open this thread to lambast Uptone nor the product. I thought we might have constructive dialog.

    Personally, I'm severely wanting on the technical/scientific side of this thing. In other words, I don't know.
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    I do know, unfortunately, but will get shouted down. This design is complete and total horse poop along with the claims made. If I had the time to dig around on the internet I could probably find the $79 or less reference design this is based on and stuffed into a cheap Chinese extruded case sourced from Alibaba...

    The copy is written to clearly be misleading and take advantage of people who don’t know better or understand ethernet or packetized non-deterministic, asynchronous networks.

    you might as well go to Staples and randomly pick up any switch.
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    Here's a primer. Computer Network | TCP/IP model - javatpoint

    I agree.

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    Let's flip this. Could this device actually degrade signal quality, since we are putting an extra electrical device right before your DAC?
  21. Claude Benshaul

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    Probably no unless the DAC we are discussing is a network media streamer connected the wired network, otherwise this audiophile wonder has not direct connection before or after the DAC.

    Anyway such theoretical degradation can easily be compensated and corrected in the analog domain by the use of expensive audiophile interconnects from the DAC. Some of the more expensive one are so good that you don't even need to plug them in, the mere act of purchasing the cables will improve the staging and details tremendously and just putting the unopened package near the rack will add a layer of clarity and tighten the bass. I tried it before and the effect was not subtle.
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    Good question and IMO a more important question than "Does this work?"... "Do no harm" should be the #1 rule when we run into questionable devices like these.

    Again, we see UpTone selling something with lots of fancy claims, uses lots of words, and presumably it's at best an over-engineered product (it better be at >$600 for just a gigabit switch + SFP, and only 100Mbps on the 'B' side) but there's no way to know if their "ground-up design" might actually have flaws that make some things worse or create compatibility issues.

    Yet again, they use hundreds of words to describe basically just something that's supposed to lower noise and improve time performance.

    They said: "This is an oversimplification of a complex subject; we may publish to our web site a “white paper” and measurements to demonstrate this." Based on previous comments they have made, I don't suggest anyone hold their breath; one will have expired from anoxia and the corpse will likely have long decomposed before these guys show up with any data. For an engineer, John Swenson seems remarkably allergic to measurements.

    I am curious... What is so interesting about this product that a person would lay down $640?!
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    My DAC is a Linn KDS/3 which is also a network streamer via RJ45. So in my case, it's as you described.
  24. Claude Benshaul

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    Ethernet and TCP/IP were developed to ensure communication in the event of a total collapse following multiple nuclear strikes. Do you really believe your home is a more hostile environment than fallout 3? Devices with less outrageous claims are able to control world spanning reliable communication or cater for the needs of critical mission data centers. I'm willing to bet there are more chances that this switch will be able to mess with your computers at home and transmogrify them into eldritch horrors from outer space before you notice anything wrong with playing music.
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    This part really ****ed with my head. :D

    This was an amazing post. Are Israeli?

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