Ethically purchasing used compact discs: ?

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  1. Louise Boat

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    ^ both version our offical ffs. You trolling bro?
  2. Duophonic


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    My Columbia House “John Lennon Collection” sounds really good, better than the non-Columbias.
  3. Steve Hoffman

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    I read this thread title as:

    Ethnically pure used compact discs.
  4. Chee

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    Boxes of stamped promotional or cut/drilled compact discs from corrupt record company employees or off the books pressings to higher ups was/is the norm in L.A. sold to stores or middle men. Two stores in L.A. I rarely bought a new release compact disc that wasn't under wholesale cost. All stamped promotional or the barcode slashed or punched out. This hasn't changed in decades. Allen Klein ended up in the Tombs in NYC for selling cleans. Worth millions and he pushed cleans, off the books, no tax collected records. If he did it, they all did it, delivery guy to Klein. Far East piracy is was more of a problem than used CD's sold. Heck, I can't even order a $10 Kodak Digital Camera battery from eBay and get a non counterfeit product.
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    Lol Like Ethical cleansing.
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    That explains (I think?) the Jurassic 5 "Power in Numbers" CD I picked up, "For promotional use only" stamped on it, the only CD I have like that. Love Chali 2na and used to see Ozomatli at their weekly gig at The Dragonfly. One time a dread at the door didnt have the $5 cover and Chali started rapping "the people at the door gotta let the dread in, the people at the door gotta let the dread in...." (they did) Great venue, same place the Chili Peppers used to have their weekly gig and often there were some musicians/celebs there. Looks like it shut down a few years ago. :cry:
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    Moby Disc on Ventura Boulevard was my go to store when shopping for 'way less than retail' new CDs.
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    This begs the question how are record labels going to promote new albums going forward if the CDs are going away? Will record companies always create albums on CD in a promotional way to give away two radio stations?
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    No real need with online promo. I don't think labels are even doing promo cds for radio stations now. Perhaps some but I doubt all releases are getting promos for radio stations. Not sure so just guessing.
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    There's nothing wrong with buying used.

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