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    All those shows were big here. They started Happy Days as a summer filler at 5.30PM and it took off and became a ratings dynamo (Laverne and Shirley was even bigger here, any show with girls and beer was going to be big down under) Good Times wasn't that big when first shown but when they reran the entire series in the early 80s it became a really big cult show. I was addicted to it.
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    I really like the Box Tops. I pretty much heard all their hits growing up, my favorite was "Sweet Cream Ladies Forward March". It had that great American Studios Memphis sound, and talk about risqué lyrics!! I didn't get a chance to talk about them since I wasn't following this thread for the late 60s time period.
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    (Duh directed to me) Yes.

    And I'll go back and correct THAT post.
    EDIT - Well I can't do that. Why do we only have a 30 minute window to edit our own posts???

    Oh I know the proper title of the song. I just had a brain fart when I was typing that post.
    I'm at work and had to get back to what I really needed to do today and so I did not proofread the post, nor did I see my error until an hour or two later.
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    FYI, I wasn't being the title police. Since Touch Me In The Morning was an actual Diana Ross song, I wasn't sure if Merilee Rush got to it first.
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    Olney, MD
    Good point. I hadn't thought of that.

    I usually pride myself on being accurate (so much so that I think I annoy some people who know me in the real world) and so I try to get those things right.

    (in thinking about Angel of the Morning, it does have "just touch my cheek before you leave me" in the chorus -- I probably was thinking of that)
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    Speaking of Puppet Man and One Less Bell, both were featured in an episode of It Takes A Thief in the winter of 1970. The group and songs actually figured into the plot. My favorite line for months afterwards, "Marilyn's alive!"

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    Yup. I always get the release of "The Declaration" and "Puppet Man" backward. I bought the singles out of sequence, which is probably why, and I later bought the album.

    I recall that the label had a lot of problems figuring out what singles to release from that album. It really wasn't until they released "One Bell To Answer" that they hit paydirt.
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    Olney, MD
    The Wikipedia page on "Bell Records" shows the late '60s blue Bell label (the 45 shown there is of Merilee Rush's "Angel of the Morning").

    I'll have an additional question about this label later tonight.
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    And according to legend, they had no intention of releasing Bell as they'd already put out 3 singles from that LP. Radio airplay and massive listener prodding did the trick. IIRC, Bell may have been Bacharach/David's last big hit before Arthur's Theme, though I'm too lazy to look up whether David was a part of that one.
    I distinctly remember buying The Declaration first because Soul City had The Girl's Song out as a single at the same time and I was confused about the label change.
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    I will never forget the morning after the first airing of "Happy Days". Most of the kinds in my 6th grade home room did nothing but talk about Fonzie". Sheesh! But, a lot of people don't know that the show had its pilot aired within an episode of "Love, American Style". That was a show that, while my parents frowned on me watching it, they never forbade me from watching it, either. Hey! Friday night at 9:00 P.M.. Who's gonna stop me? :D We were allowed to stay up as long as we wanted to on Friday and Saturday nights. Problem is, back in those days, TV stations signed off the air at around twelve or one in the morning.

    Oh, I have their hits now, but, back then, I had no idea. I had never even heard "The Letter" until the late 80s when I got it on CD.

    Of course. I just found a place to add my comment.

    The moderators figure that's enough time for anyone to go back in and fix something before it's permanent. It also helps limit how long a troll or hothead can fix their crime before they are caught.:D

    It happens to all of us!
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    Here's another song on the blue Bell label from "69 that I quite liked. I'm a sucker for songs that shout out names, places, etc.

  12. Grant

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    All, or most of all that was explained in the Real Gone 3-CD set "The Complete Soul City/Bell Singles 1966-1975". Get it fast before you can no longer find it for a reasonable price.
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    And, one of their first hits was I'm Your Puppet by James & Bobby Purify.
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    Mala, Dyno Voice, Soul City and probably a few others morphed into Bell.
    They started Happy Days during the school holidays here. On the school bus on the first day back EVERYONE was talking about it.

    I remember Love American Style because one episode (Love and the pill) had to be shown after 10PM. The theme song was by The Cowsills.
  15. Manapua

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    And this one which I also liked from them. Wait, am I on the R&B thread?

    Yeah I know, it's a shameless copy of Puppet. Shades of It's The Same Old Song!
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  16. Grant

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    Soul City did not morph into Bell. That was Johnny Rivers' label, and he simply shopped the label around as he needed. The 5th Dimension was signed to Bell.

    Bell was sold to Clive Davis after he left CBS, and he then acquired the Bell roster and created Arista Records. Arista was merged with BMG in the 80s, and BMG merged with Sony. That's why Sony/BMG has the catalogs now.

    The Cowsills, Harry Nilsson, and Boyce and Hart were all over TV themes in those days.
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  17. Grant

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    No, but The Partridge Family sure sparked a lot of interest. Bubblegum lived for quite a while in the 70s.

    This the point in which the 70s start to get real interesting for both the pop, soul, and even the country charts.
  18. Mylene

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    I've got this single produced by Johnny Rivers from 1963.
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    I too prefer the Five Stairsteps song. Much better than most J5 songs, imo.

    Ooh Child only hit No. 8?
    I assumed it hit within the Top 5, judging by all the airplay it received on oldies radio.
    A great song indeed.

    The one ahead of it, Ride Captain Ride, which peaked @ No. 4, is one of the year's great rockers.

    Other songs of interest are bolded.

    Note the debut of the great Chicago rocker (25 or 6 To 4) and the Supremes song, which I've never heard of.

    US Top 40 Singles Week Ending 25th July, 1970

    TW LW TITLE –•– Artist (Label)-Weeks on Chart (Peak To Date)

    1 3 (They Long To Be) CLOSE TO YOU –•– The Carpenters (A&M)-6 (1 week at #1) (1)
    2 1 MAMA TOLD ME (Not To Come) –•– Three Dog Night (Dunhill)-10 (1)
    3 4 BAND OF GOLD –•– Freda Payne (Invictus)-14 (3)
    4 2 THE LOVE YOU SAVE / I FOUND THAT GIRL –•– Jackson 5 (Motown)-9 (1)
    5 10 MAKE IT WITH YOU –•– Bread (Elektra)-7 (5)
    6 5 BALL OF CONFUSION (That’s What the World Is Today) –•– The Temptations (Gordy)-10 (3)
    7 6 RIDE CAPTAIN RIDE –•– Blues Image (Atco)-12 (4)
    8 8 O-O-H CHILD / DEAR PRUDENCE –•– The Five Stairsteps (Buddah)-17 (8)
    9 18 SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED I’M YOURS –•– Stevie Wonder (Tamla)-5 (9)
    10 7 LAY DOWN (Candles In the Rain) –•– Melanie with the Edwin Hawkins Singers (Buddah)-14 (6)

    11 12 TIGHTER, TIGHTER –•– Alive and Kicking (Roulette)-8 (11
    12 11 HITCHIN’ A RIDE –•– Vanity Fare (Page One)-19 (5)
    13 9 GIMME DAT DING –•– The Pipkins (Capitol)-10 (9)
    14 24 SPILL THE WINE –•– Eric Burdon and War (MGM)-10 (14)
    15 15 ARE YOU READY –•– Pacific Gas and Electric (Columbia)-9 (15)
    16 22 TEACH YOUR CHILDREN –•– Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young (Atlantic)-8 (16)
    17 13 THE WONDER OF YOU / MAMA LIKED THE ROSES –•– Elvis Presley (RCA)-11 (9)
    18 26 OHIO –•– Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young (Atlantic)-5 (18)
    19 14 A SONG OF JOY –•– Miguel Rios (A&M)-7 (14)
    20 30 I JUST CAN’T HELP BELIEVING –•– B.J. Thomas (Scepter)-6 (20)

    21 20 THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD / FOR YOU BLUE –•– The Beatles (Apple)-10 (1)
    22 19 MY BABY LOVES LOVIN’ –•– White Plains (Deram)-15 (13)
    23 17 GET READY –•– Rare Earth (Rare Earth)-20 (4)
    24 37 LAY A LITTLE LOVIN’ ON ME –•– Robin McNamara (Steed)-9 (24)

    25 44 WAR –•– Edwin Starr (Gordy)-3 (25)
    26 41 (If You Let Me Make Love To You Then) WHY CAN’T I TOUCH YOU –•– Ronnie Dyson (Columbia)-6 (26)
    27 27 SAVE THE COUNTRY –•– The 5th Dimension (Bell)-7 (27)
    28 29 SILVER BIRD –•– Mark Lindsay (Columbia)-7 (28)
    29 25 MISSISSIPPI QUEEN –•– Mountain (Windfall)-15 (21)
    30 31 WESTBOUND #9 –•– The Flaming Ember (Hot Wax)-10 (30)

    31 16 LOVE LAND –•– Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band (Warner Brothers)-16 (16)
    32 68 IN THE SUMMERTIME –•– Mungo Jerry (Janus)-3 (32)
    33 21 UNITED WE STAND –•– The Brotherhood Of Man (Deram)-15 (13)
    34 28 CHECK OUT YOUR MIND –•– The Impressions (Curtom)-11 (28)
    35 32 MISSISSIPPI –•– John Phillips (Dunhill)-11 (32)
    36 36 GO BACK –•– Crabby Appleton (Elektra)-12 (36)
    37 38 STEAL AWAY –•– Johnnie Taylor (Stax)-8 (37)
    38 43 MAYBE –•– The Three Degrees (Roulette)-8 (38)
    39 59 TELL IT ALL BROTHER –•– Kenny Rogers and the First Edition (Reprise)-4 (39)
    40 42 TRYING TO MAKE A FOOL OF ME –•– The Delfonics (Philly Groove)-8 (40)


    42 40 END OF OUR ROAD –•– Marvin Gaye (Tamla)-7 (40)


    41 61 OVERTURE FROM TOMMY (A Rock Opera) –•– The Assembled Multitude (Atlantic)-5 (41)
    43 74 EVERYBODY’S GOT THE RIGHT TO LOVE –•– The Supremes (Motown)-2 (43)
    44 45 THE SLY, SLICK, AND THE WICKED –•– The Lost Generation (Brunswick)-8 (44)
    45 46 WHEN WE GET MARRIED –•– The Intruders (Gamble)-6 (45)
    46 47 MY MARIE –•– Engelbert Humperdinck (Parrot)-5 (46)
    47 69 SUMMERTIME BLUES –•– The Who (Decca)-3 (47)
    48 48 (How Bout a Little Hand For) THE BOYS IN THE BAND –•– The Boys In the Band (Spring)-8 (48)
    49 65 PAPER MACHE –•– Dionne Warwick (Scepter)-3 (49)
    50 — 25 OR 6 TO 4 –•– Chicago (Columbia)-1 (50)


    50 — 25 OR 6 TO 4 –•– Chicago (Columbia)-1 (50)

    71 — AMERICA, COMMUNICATE WITH ME –•– Ray Stevens (Barnaby)-1 (71)
    74 — WIGWAM –•– Bob Dylan (Columbia)-1 (74)
    76 — GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS, BOYS WILL BE BOYS –•– The Isley Brothers (T-Neck)-1 (76)
    77 — GLORY GLORY –•– The Rascals with the Sweet Inspirations (Atlantic)-1 (77)
    84 — BLACK FOX –•– Freddy Robinson (World Pacific Jazz)-1 (84)
    87 — SOMETHING –•– Booker T. and the MG’s (Stax)-1 (87)
    88 — HUMMINGBIRD –•– B.B. King (ABC)-1 (88)
    90 — SING A SONG OF FREEDOM –•– Frijid Pink (Parrot)-1 (90)
    92 — IT’S YOUR LIFE –•– Andy Kim (Steed)-1 (92)
    97 — CANDIDA –•– Dawn (Bell)-1 (97)
    98 — MORNING MUCH BETTER –•– Ten Wheel Drive with Genya Ravan (Polydor)-1 (98)
    99 — IT’S A SHAME –•– The Spinners (V.I.P.)-1 (99)
    100 — BIG YELLOW TAXI –•– Joni Mitchell (Reprise)-1 (100)
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    Me too.
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    In the U.S., Bobby Sherman was bigger in terms of Top 40 singles.
    David Soul only scored 1 Top 40 (he had a couple hit the Hot 100)

    Bobby had 7 hit the Top 40, 9 in the Hot 100.

    Interesting that David Soul was married to one of Bobby Sherman's ex's.
    He sounds like a hot-head.

    Soul's third wife was Patti Carnel Sherman (the ex-wife of fellow Here Come the Brides co-star and teen pop idol Bobby Sherman), whom he married in 1980. They had a child together, but the marriage disintegrated due to Soul's alcohol abuse and violent temper. Soul had been an alcohol abuser for several years, a problem that had affected both of his previous marriages. During his marriage to Sherman, Soul was arrested and jailed for assaulting her while she was seven months pregnant. After being released, he was ordered to attend a two-year "diversion" therapy program to deal with his alcohol abuse and manage his anger.[11][10][12] The couple divorced in 1986.[citation needed]
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  22. W.B.

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    New York, NY, USA
    And "Little Girl" by the Syndicate of Sound.
  23. alphanguy

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    Before we move on, this was one of David Cassidy's better solo efforts, a song that would be a MASSIVE hit for someone else not long after he released it. It never made much of an impact in the US... but reached #11 in the UK.
  24. Dougd

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    That wasn't an ad-lib.
    MJ copied the line from a great Four Tops song, Reach Out I'll Be There, from 1966.
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  25. Dougd

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    The Five Stairsteps likely had the most Hot 100 hits with the fewest to hit the Top 40.
    Only one of their 18 Hot 100 hits made the Top 40, O-o-h Child, which peaked @ No. 8

    Below is their singles. Hot 100 position listed first, R&B chart next.

    1966 You Waited Too Long 94 16
    World of Fantasy 49 12
    Come Back 61 15
    1967 Danger! She's a Stranger 89 16
    Ain't Gonna Rest (Till I Get You) 87 37
    Oooh, Baby Baby 63 34
    1968 Something's Missing 88 17
    Don't Change Your Love 59 15
    Baby Make Me Feel So Good 101 12
    Stay Close to Me 91 -
    1969 We Must Be in Love 88 17
    1970 Because I Love You 83 -
    O-o-h Child 8 14
    Dear Prudence 66 49
    1971 Didn't It Look So Easy 81 32
    I Feel a Song in My Heart Again - -
    1972 I Love You - Stop 115 40
    1976 From Us to You 102 10
    1980 All Night Thang
    (as "The Invisible Man's Band") 45 9
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