Everything Wrong With ' The Godfather Part 3'...And Your Favourite Scenes From It

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  1. kreen

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    One scene to me exemplifies what is wrong with Part 3.

    The helicopter attack. The problem is not so much that there is an helicopter attack, it's the fact that, since they didn't use an actual helicopter -- indeed the whole thing was probably shot on a soundtage -- it feels fake and artificial and cheap. It just screams to the viewer : "this is just a movie, one that was made on the cheap -- which is why Robert Duval isn't involved --, and one made by filmmakers who don't have an eye anymore for what works or not".

    You can just imagine Coppola and Puzo coming up with that scene -- "wouldn't it be great if..." and not realizing it will not fit with the believable atmosphere that is so much a part of the earlier two movies. It's really the same with the characters no longer being who they were just one movie previously. "Wouldn't it be great if Connie was a kind of black widow character, calling the shots and manipulating everyone". Sure it would be great in the absolute -- only problem is that's not who you've established as that character.

    Coppola and Puzo had lost it by then, it's really as simple as that. In a way, the movie could have been better had it been made not by the original creators, but by other people who better understood what the original movies were about. The idea that it's always better to get the original creative forces isn't always true.
  2. Again, there was a big leap in time from part 2 to part 3. People change and take on new responsibilities in life as they age.
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  3. kreen

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    Sometimes. But sometimes they remain the same, or become even more of an extreme version of who they were. In the context of a movie that wants to be a continuation -- it's called the Godfather Part 3 -- and where, as viewers, we've known the characters for 15 years and love them (or love to hate them?), you can't just change them thoroughly, not show or explain how or why they've changed, and not end up with a disappointed audience.

    Both Connie and Michael were more interesting and fascinating characters -- more real -- the way they were previously than the way they're depicted in Part 3. In Part 3, they're more "stock" characters at the service of a rather cliché "redemption" story than the wholly original, memorable people they were in the previous two films.
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  4. They're all just movies, though. Not everybody obsesses over the characters "the way they were". Much better to come into the movie with an open mind about the "interim Godfather period", rather than projecting personal expectations of who those characters had become. Clearly, Coppola made them people who had experienced changes, like many people in life who go through changes in their middle age years.
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    This scene has always been my biggest gripe. I just re-watched the "Coda" recut over the weekend, and although I do think it is a lot better, it doesn't do anything to improve this scene.

    The worst part: "It's my lucky coat!" C'mon.
  6. Moonbeam Skies

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    Funniest line in the film.
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  7. Vidiot

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    I hated Godfather 3, and watched the recent "Director's Cut" of it just last year. The only thing I ever liked was the idea that a guy had no weapons on their body, but could still kill somebody by just using the stem of their eyeglasses as a stabbing weapon. Everything else was stupid and/or boring.

    Just wait until Megalopolis, Coppola's $100 million dollar self-financed sci-fi film, due out at the end of the year... :sigh:
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  8. But, ya know, I'm pulling for him. I want the film to be great. I don't suspect it will be, but I'd like to be wrong.
  9. dlokazip

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    Paramount is ultimately to blame for the shortcomings of the film. They nickel-and-dimed the production and rushed it out. Francis needed the time and budget to craft a film worthy of the franchise. He's not blameless, but he did what he could with what he had.

    George Hamilton did a fine job, but he isn't Robert Duvall. They should have made the deal with Duvall, even if it meant paying him the same as Pacino. B.J. Harrison is a bloodless corporate attorney. Tom Hagen is family.

    They should have kept screening actresses until they found their Mary. They may have found themselves an undiscovered talent. Had the suits not rushed the production, Francis may not have thrown Sofia into the role. I felt sorry for her more than anything. I get that family members have worked before, but Sofia is not her Aunt Talia.

    I like the story of Michael trying to remain legit but still desiring more power by way of the Vatican deal. The juxtaposition of that with Connie going all in on "the family business" and settling scores is an interesting evolution of both characters.

    I will always love the "who sent you?" scene with Andy Garcia and Bridget Fonda.

    Joe Mantegna and Don Novello are good, too.

    The Godfather Coda flows better than the original, but I only recommend it for the uninitiated. It is just a different arrangement. The song remains the same.

    Having had The Coppola Restoration DVD set for years, I hardly feel the need another version. I am cool with owning the film, but one version is enough.
  10. Squealy

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    He is actually pretty restrained by 1990s Al Pacino standards. I don’t think there are as many moments where he goes big as people imagine.

    That he doesn’t sound like he did in the original movies… well if Al Pacino’s voice changed in twenty years why couldn’t Michael Corleone’s?
  11. Vidiot

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    Totally -- I want to see Coppola hit it big again. And you gotta admire a guy for sinking $100 million dollars of his own money into a film like this. There's been a whole lotta "WTF?" from Hollywoo about this, but I hope it does well.

    Here's a tiny piece of Megalopolis from YouTube:

    I read the opening credits and my mouth dropped open. PAUL NEWMAN? WTF?
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  12. Raf

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    "Are they as good as they look?"

    "They're the best."

    *both dead within twenty minutes*
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  13. Sofia is quite a looker in part 3. Good choice, Francis.
  14. wondergrape

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    Bram Stoker's Dracula is, was, and always will be awesome.
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  15. dlokazip

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    It finally hit me what bothers me about the film. Thinking about the "love story" made me see it.
    • The idea of bringing in Sonny's illegitimate son is a good one.
    • The idea of Mary falling in love with a gangster is a good one.
    • Mary's ultimate fate is certainly good for the ending.
    So, how do they bring this all together? Cousin boinking. :rolleyes: I'm sure they thought it would be edgy. It's not. It's sloppy writing (and kind of nauseating).

    When looked at in this light, it is easy to deconstruct the rest of the screenplay. The whole film is just a brainstorming session tied together with kite string.
    • The Vatican bank deal.
    • The John Gotti-type character who cares more about his image than what is good for the families.
    • Altobello being the traitor.
    • Connie taking a hard line on defending the family.
    • Michael trying to get away from the mafia life against the pull of Vincent and Connie.
    All good ideas. The story is just disjointed. They just threw all these things together and tried to write in some continuity. It partially worked.

    Had they spent another year on it, they might have had a great film. The makings are there. But, the suits wanted a Christmas release date. So, we got what we got.
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  16. mike's beard

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    For all the flaws in the film, I must say that Kay's character is very well written and Diane Keaton's performance is spot on.
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  17. chuckgay

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    This. Made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that.
  18. Yep. He hams it up.
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  19. Gross. :laugh:
  20. Wildest cat from montana

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    Funnier than " Can of peas, my ass!"
  21. Wildest cat from montana

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    The helicopter scene is ridiculous in every way.
    You gotta play a helicooter scene for laughs only a la " Get to the chopp-ah!"
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  22. Oatsdad

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    Coppola declined after "Apocalypse Now". He still made the occasional good movie, but he made a buncha stinkers as well.

    FFC's 1980s was spotty at best.
  23. Oatsdad

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    If Wiki's correct, "Outsiders" made $33m on a $10m budget. Profitable but not really a hit.
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    This is the right answer

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