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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Scotian, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. Veltri

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    Not showing on Paramount+ in Canada. :shake:
  2. Lonson

    Lonson I'm in the kitchen with the Tombstone Blues

    Season 3 started with a bang!

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  3. Lonson

    Lonson I'm in the kitchen with the Tombstone Blues

    This season is GOOD.
  4. Lonson

    Lonson I'm in the kitchen with the Tombstone Blues

    This season keeps getting better and better. I didn't expect the husband/billionaire deception diversion.
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  5. Left Field

    Left Field #1 Shinboner

    I saw season 1 on DVD about 12-18 months ago and thought it was pretty good, but I heard nothing about a season 2 until it appeared on Paramount+ (Australia) a few months ago. I haven't got to it yet, but I am looking forward to having a quiet weekend in the near future and just binging on season 2.
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  6. Lonson

    Lonson I'm in the kitchen with the Tombstone Blues

    Wow. Ben! And "being a friend of the Vatican" is getting more difficult.
  7. R. Totale

    R. Totale The Voice of Reason

    I'm liking this season more than the last one. Some of that may be the addition of "Alien Nation" and "Farscape" creator Rockne O'Bannon as executive producer and occasional writer.
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  8. Lonson

    Lonson I'm in the kitchen with the Tombstone Blues

    I like it also because of the tying together or plot lines from the previous two seasons into an intriguing knot of plot.
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  9. I’m still thoroughly enjoying Evil. Surprised it hasn’t caught on more than it has. Although I do laugh at how obvious it is that they now have permission to use the ‘f’ word - seems shoe-horned in at every conceivable opportunity.
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  10. Kubricker

    Kubricker Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…

    One of my favorite shows of the past few years!
  11. Quincy

    Quincy Senior Member

    Willamette Valley
    I first became aware of the creative team behind the show with The Good Wife. I used to hear ads for it "coming up" on Sundays during the last NFL game. Even though in the past I've liked legal dramas I had a knee jerk "NO!" reaction until of all things Reggie Miller mentioned it on Dan Patrick. Now I've never taken show watching advice from a former NBA player but he advocated for it so strongly I checked it out. Boy, we ended going through all 7 seasons and continued on with The Good Fight.

    I recall on The Good Wife (which was CBS) they sometimes used hilarious ways of swearing when they couldn't, such as having an old time auto horn honk at just the right moment to disguise "the F word."

    They're also champions of the long intro before getting to opening credits. With The Good Fight they blow up office furniture and accoutrements and they waited 5 seasons to make a joke about this (I'm not going to spoil it in any way) that was so unnerving and frankly one of the funniest things I've encountered with a show, as it was a very long way to go for joke.

    With all of their shows (including the one off highly goofy Brain Dead) they have a great sense of humor along with good old story telling twists and turns. Evil is about perfect for me as I've always enjoyed religion as science fiction I guess, since the characters are so well established that even a non-religious person like myself knows the players (unlike say, Marvel). What I think works so well with Evil is that the show creator couple include a believer and a non-believer. And they're also terrific at casting people (Alan Cumming on The Good Wife, Sarah Steele on both "Goods", and many others).

    I was going to leave Paramount+ for a few months last May and during the quitting process they gave me 2 months at half price. Of course Evil came back, and so I'm still with them as I love the show so much I don't want to bank it and watch them all in a month. I've become a soccer fan in the past few years so Paramount+ has that, and while I'm only a minor league Trekkie Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is pretty good stuff, and The Good Fight has one more season this fall. For some dumb reason I tend not to hang out in the Visual Arts section of Hoffman but great to find some more fans of Evil. I know that whenever they're finished with Evil I will watch whatever they do next as I'm that impressed with the show creators.
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  12. marmalade166

    marmalade166 Sous les pavés, la plage!

    Aberdeen, Scotland
    Great to find another fan of Brain Dead, seemed to fly under the radar for most people but I loved it! Had no idea they're also behind The Good Fight (and Good Wife before), also love those shows with their insanity woven into the stories, clever scripts and great actors/acting
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  13. Lars Medley

    Lars Medley I lost on Jeopardy!

    Yeah I enjoyed the previous season but it was starting to feel a bit like a shaggy dog story. This season feels much more focused.
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  14. Lightworker

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    Deep Texas
    As far as I know, the Roman Catholic Church is the only religious organization that actually maintains trained exorcists on staff. Apparently, they are pretty busy these days (lol).
  15. Scotian

    Scotian Amnesia Hazed Thread Starter

    Episode 7 was a pretty good hour of television. Very well done.
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  16. Lonson

    Lonson I'm in the kitchen with the Tombstone Blues

    This is getting better and better! I hope we get a handful more of seasons.
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  17. Lonson

    Lonson I'm in the kitchen with the Tombstone Blues

    Sister Andrea, demon slayer!
  18. HGN2001

    HGN2001 Mystery picture member

    With Andrea Martin (Moogie) in the cast with Wallace Shawn (Grand Nagus Zek), are we getting too many Ferengi in this show? Can Armin Shimerman be far behind?
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  19. I love this show but was disappointed in two things in the season finale:

    1) The Monsignor was murdered - is there no police investigation? Surely there were cameras which recorded Leland entering/leaving, fingerprints, DNA from his blood, etc. or - at a minimum - Grace would have said his name. Getting Leland behind bars for a very long time would be beneficial to the church so this seems some very poor writing. 2) The dad arriving home. Even if he was at Mt. Everest he couldn't have arrived home so soon. That’s ignoring the ‘story’ of him being buried/lost in an avalanche. If he was recovered from an avalanche he would not have arrived home so quickly. And someone would surely have notified his family he had been found! Then there’s everyone ignoring the girls who clearly illustrated the whole thing was a sham.
  20. HGN2001

    HGN2001 Mystery picture member

    I'm not so sure that "Andy" is "Andy". He'd been kept in a near vegetative state by Leland and Sheryl, and we saw Leland and his employer dragging him out in a body bag when Sheryl called Leland to tell him what the girls had figured out. Then "Andy" arrives at his home seemingly moments later with some memories not intact. And his overly-cordial greeting of Sheryl is WAY out of character as those two were seen hating on each other earlier in the series. And at the end, he seems to be able to see all of the demons. Can that really be "Andy?"
  21. Lonson

    Lonson I'm in the kitchen with the Tombstone Blues

    I think the matters in the "spoiler" sections above. . .are not fully dealt with and resolved yet in the series.
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  22. HGN2001

    HGN2001 Mystery picture member

    No, of course not. TV shows nowadays have to leave cliffhangers. Our theories and questions above are simply discussions of what *might* loom ahead.
  23. Tim Lookingbill

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    New Braunfels, TX
    What did it cost you to watch the first season on DVD? I'm thinking of that option since I don't want to stream Paramount +. Just don't want to hassle with the Roku and other stuff with my old TV.

    Well that was a quick search. It appears each season costs around $30. Season 1 on Amazon...

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  24. Tim Lookingbill

    Tim Lookingbill Alfalfa Male

    New Braunfels, TX
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  25. Left Field

    Left Field #1 Shinboner

    I think I got for around AU$20-25 from a local retailer. I don't buy too many DVD's or Blu-Rays from Amazon because they generally more expensive.
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