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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Scotian, Oct 18, 2019.

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    To your points:

    1. I mostly agree but I feel like all modern TV either overuses surveillance as a plot point or completely forgets it exists. Also having a prophetic character can easily destroy a story -- they must have mysterious reasons for not just solving everyone's problems before they arise. I don't think this one will be addressed in the future.

    2. This entire sequence was [I have to believe intentionally] dream-like. The characters' emotions have been manipulated to the point that they are not operating logically. This plot point will probably be a big part of season 4.
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    Rather pointless, but in the finale I had a moment of "Wait, why is the evil lawyer (Wallace Shawn) wearing a priest collar?" Then I remembered he played that on their other show "The Good Fight." I suppose for people who haven't seen "The Good Wife" they'd a surprise out of the character that Mike Colter plays on that show. It is fun certain actors appear in multiple shows by the show creators.
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    Mile Colter will always be Luke Cage to me!
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    I miss this show! Come back!
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    Returns this summer for allegedly the fourth and final season.
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    Yet another reason to ask "Is it summer yet?"
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  8. Final season??? Darn it. I wonder why?
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    One of my favourite show. One of the few in the horror genre that actually gives me the creeps. I may have to do a rewatch before the next season starts.
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    The Following (starring Kevin Bacon), which was on FOX from 2013-2015, was pretty damn dark. Bacon played a FBI agent fighting against a cult of serial killers led by a charismatic sociopath. Bacon's character also had a dark side.
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    Yes, we watched that one.

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