Evil Genius - New Netflix True Crime Series

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Malina, May 10, 2018.

  1. Malina

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    Premiers tomorrow - from the producers of Wild Wild Country. 4 part series. It appears to be about that guy who had the bomb around his neck after trying to rob a bank and he got blown up on TV years ago. I'm not looking more into it because I don't want to ruin any surprises. Psyched!

    Still waiting for the next season of Making A Murderer.
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  2. Leepal

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    Swindon, UK
    I just binge watched the whole thing. Thought it was excellent. I had heard of this case quite recently (if this was reported in the UK media at the time I don't remember it) but was pretty vague on the details, so that helped with the element of surprise for me.
  3. Scope J

    Scope J Forum Resident

    Fascinating, and creepy as hell!
  4. Jaap74

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    Sydney, Australia
    Loved it, truth is stranger than fiction in this case...........
  5. Pastafarian

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    Yet another great Netflix production following on from the likes of Making a Murder, The Keepers and Slenderman. What I liked about this, given the sheer weirdness, no concrete answers so speculation abounds and 4 episodes, doable in one night.
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  6. MikeInFla

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    Panama City, FL
    Just started it and find it interesting. Have never heard of the pizza delivery bomb story. Also started "I Am Killer" and will go back to that once this one is complete.
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  7. mace

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    A very interesting story indeed.

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