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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Yoop, Nov 11, 2017.

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    Florence wi.
    I first drooled over a stereo system in the early 70's in one of the many electronics stores of the time. I always wanted a component system and now I'm working on putting a system together.
    I still have my Polk Monitor 7's and 10's. They are both being upgraded, rebuilt crossovers with high end components.
    You have to start someplace.
    A Harmon Kardon receiver, E.Q.and CD player goes with a Technics SL-Q3 TT make up what I have now.
    I have really been looking at the Yamaha M series amps, M40-60 are my leading contenders right now.
    Any views on them would be helpful.
    For a preamp, having a electronics back round I am looking at a DYI tube pre amp.
    Have any of you built one and what kits would anyone recommend?
    And any other pre amps that would be recommended for the Yamaha M Series amps. And no not a C2 just to much money.
    I've been hunting for a TT upgrade and have a long list that I would like but as with the Polks I need to start someplace and the SL-Q3 still works fine.
    I have a collection of digital music and still want to play that also, but not sure what is needed in a preamp to handle both a TT and CD or IPod.

    So I am asking for your experience and help in starting down the path of a modest component system. If it's like guitars and amps I am going to need a bigger room lol.
    I know many here have been where I am and if I learned anything in this life "asking those that know" saves a lot of time and money.

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