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FA: 4 Large, classic Walter Hurst textbooks on the record and film industries

Discussion in 'Third Party Sales & Auctions' started by VU Master, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. VU Master

    VU Master Senior Member Thread Starter

    I have just listed 4 really wonderful Walter Hurst books on ebay and I thought I'd mention the listing here. There books are really interesting and are loaded with information.

    Some of the articles and topics are: Promotion Problems, History of the record industry, Fan clubs, Record clubs, From artist to retail store, Song writers and publishers, Long and short contracts, Minors, Contracts and forms, Payola, Maverick Music, A swingin’ little record company gets it’s first hit, Bumble Boogie strikes again, Shari Sheeley’s “Poor Little Fool”, How to sell your song, Congress Investigates, Trade magazines, Dick Clark’s Affidavit, Personal Managers, Disc Jockeys, “Why These Girls Squeal” by Dick Clark, Short Contracts, Sam Cooke, Talent Scouts, Glossary of recording terms, The British Scene, The Taxman, Joan Baez vs. Fantasy Records, Tax Planning, Call sheets, AFTRA, The Copyright Act, The Flying Saucer Song, Artist Agreements, Rock Festivals, Sinatra...the list goes on and on!

    Over 1000 pages of articles. Great for a music student, or anyone who wants to beef up their library with a lot of great info. The lot is $100 and I'll do free shipping for SH forum members.

    4 great Walter Hurst Music/Record Industry Books, look! - eBay (item 320204210784 end time Jan-15-08 21:00:17 PST)
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