FA: Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Japan CD 35DP-4 Still Sealed

Discussion in 'Third Party Sales & Auctions' started by SimonSaysCake, Jan 19, 2009.

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  1. Since that link will be gone after 60 days, I think it is worth it to preserve this piece of eBay and CD collecting history for future generations...

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  2. oldschool

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    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Too bad some of the pics are no longer accessible.
    I should've made a backup of the page earlier..
  3. PaulT

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    Yeah, me too. I saved it as html not mht so lost some of the pics.
    Here is what is left now:

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  4. rburly

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    When the CD was first listed, I messaged the seller. He lives in Japan and bought the CD from an older (60's) gentleman 4 years ago along with a sealed "Final Cut" for $400. He said the guy originally bought 3 CDs when they were released, the 2 Floyds and a Boz Scaggs CD that was the only opened and played CD. He said the guy he bought the 2 CDs from (the "Final Cut" sold last year apparently for $2000) is a vinyl guy (over 1500 albums) and when he bought them, the guy's CD player was broken, thus, never opened, never taken off the shelf. He said the guy couldn't believe when he offered him $400 for the 2 CDs. Since it's hard to tell (now) about previous sales, I would think he would've gotten a bad Feedback if the Final Cut wasn't as described. Who knows...
  5. Thanks for the pics. :righton:
  6. Bertly

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    This auction reminded me of one that ended some time ago. I don't know if anyone was ever able to confirm the contents of a sealed longbox that was said to contain the Queen 'Greatest Hits' West German Target.
  7. SimonSaysCake

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    I saved them all, can post them tomorrow...

  8. Gang Twanger

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    Man, are my eyes tired after laboring through all 12 pages of this thread.

    It really blows my mind that someone actually paid over $5400 for a sealed copy of what I don't consider to be such a great mastering. It's smooth and everything, but it's not exactly the punchiest disc I've ever heard, and it may have the lowest volume out of any CD I've heard (I'll have to check it against the "Crime Of The Century" Mofi CD). Personally, I prefer the Sony SBM Mastersound gold CD (but that's just my opinion, of course).

    $5400?? Jeeeez!! (Sorry, I shouldn't be threadcrapping - Some like this version, and others prefer the Sony Mastersound, and I guess neither are necessarily wrong).
  9. fumi

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    The high price for this disc was reflected in the unique set of circumstances surrounding it. Firstly, the mastering is rare and was quickly replaced with another one. Secondly, the box obi - perfectly intact after twenty-seven years and finally the fact that the disc was still sealed in the original cellophane.

    Of course, it can be purchased considerably cheaper but this particular disc had two additional selling points that had not been seen before.

    Also, as I (and others) have repeatedly pointed out, this disc was not bought to be played. It is most likely now in the hands of a collector who has it safely displayed in a glass case somewhere - a collector of Floyd memorabilia, I would imagine, not an audiophile.
  10. drbryant

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    Glad that you guys bumped this back up. It was nice seeing those pictures again.
  11. Wizard

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    Exactly. And aren't Japanese wrappers quite loose? It wouldn't seem all that difficult to just slip a cd case back into a carefully opened wrapper and re-glue.

    I also always think the same thing about still sealed lp's. Unless the lp cellophane has an original record company "info" sticker on it, which very, very few lp's ever did, as far as I am concerned, it is a bigger gamble than an opened one.

    An acquaintance of mine in the mid-80's had a sealing machine at his workplace and he shamefully re-sealed loads of lp's to return to one of the record stores for credit. You couldn't tell the difference between his sealed lp's and store bought.

    It is completely possible to re-seal a cd case with the correct machinery also. The cd wrapper (in this case) has no special kind of sticker or other identification (that would only be available by the manufacturer - and the record company itself) that could prove the seal was indeed authentic (original).
  12. SergioRZ

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    Is thos the most expensive CD ever sold on Ebay?
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