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    ...just popped up in my YouTube-feed.... never heard of them, but this is something to listen to.

    Not often I hear new artists that I catch up with right from the start.

    5/5 - jackpot. :righton:

    Spread the word.
  2. prymel

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  3. prymel

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    And another charting single...
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  4. mike sullivan

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    They were a great band....Bowie was a big big fan of them.
  5. bluej

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    Been a fan for a few years now, having also discovered them via the Beat Club performance after spotting the box set at my local shop (which I purchased soon after).

    Check out the Get Behind Fanny podcast, which is hosted by drummer Alice De Buhr along with the daughter of Fanny’s manager and the webmaster of the Fanny website. June and Jean Millington make regular appearances remotely too. Great stuff!

    ‎Get Behind Fanny on Apple Podcasts
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  6. They never caught on which is a pity. A hit single would have helped.
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  7. Better than the original version IMO:

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  8. Wild Horse

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    I thought this was going to be something else. :D
  9. lordcat

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    I'm always partial to a bit of Fanny!
    * Hadn't heard of them until this thread, a brilliant cover!
  10. Vinyl is final

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    This is one of the albums I picked up off VinylMePlease a while back. I'm shocked that I had never heard of them back in the day... Fanny
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  11. They were new, 50 years ago.
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  12. tonyc

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    ^ Post reported. Family friendly forum. ;)
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  13. audiomixer

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    Where have you been? :D
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  14. zen

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    I have them on vinyl. :thumbsup:
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  15. rediffusion

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  16. That’s great!
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  17. Hall Cat

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    Has anyone seen the documentary?
  18. Dave112

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    Fanny was a great band back in the day. I had a friend in the 1980s make tapes of two of their albums for me (he discovered them in a box of his aunt's albums that she no longer wanted when she gave them to him). Too bad that they weren't as popular as some pop acts of the day. I just think that they were a little too far ahead of their time.
  19. Strat-Mangler

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    More like they didn't get a big publicity machine behind their albums and tours.
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  20. kwadguy

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    Cambridge, MA

    When you're looking for ground zero of an all-female band, not masterminded by men, not ghost played by men, with songs not written by men, and with sufficient success to release a major label album, Fanny is your answer.
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  21. landerstnkb

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    I’m trying to post the video of them doing Ain’t That Peculiar, which is freakin’ amazing, but YouTube ain’t letting me. The drummer is awesome IMHO
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  22. Rich-n-Roll

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    Yes the Millington sisters paved the way for the women Rock bands and those that followed The Runaways, Donnas Kittie, Girl School, Rock Goddess and a whole host of others
  23. Dave112

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    Fanny was on popular shows like The Sonny & Cher tv show, Midnight Special, and others. That sort of exposure in those days was huge. I say that they were ahead of their time because they fell between the cracks (no pun intended). Pop fans of female artists/songwriters in the day may not have liked the rocker sound and many rockers may have thought that female musicians couldn't rock out (just a guess).

    I was just a baby when they were new artists. When I heard them in the 1980s for the first time, I was shocked that I'd never heard them before. A local rock radio station played older, less known rock albums but never played anything by Fanny. I'm glad that they are reaching a new audience via the internet.
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  24. classicrockguy

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    "Fell between the cracks" haha :laugh:
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  25. MJConroy

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