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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by SamS, Apr 2, 2018.

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    Now I'm really confused. You are recommending pairing the CXUHD transport with either the CXA-60 or CXA-80 for Oppo-equivalent features and performance? While the CXUHD supports up to 24/192 PCM and DSD, and the drive is capable of reading DVD-Audio, SACD, and Blu-Ray, it appears that it only outputs those formats and highest audio resolutions via HDMI ... and the CXA series doesn't have an HDMI input ... !

    So doesn't the CXUHD + CXA combo limit the user to 2-channel stereo redbook compact disc and standard DVD? Hardly a viable Oppo alternative for those who are interested in most of Oppo's features, rather than just a few. And if you're only looking for 2-channel redbook CD performance, why buy all the extra features (including video circuitry!) of the CXUHD transport; wouldn't a dedicated 2-channel CD transport + integrated amplifier combo be much more cost-effective and capable of even greater performance heights?

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  2. Yep. I am still very happy with my Oppo UDP-203. It's played everything that I've thrown at it with excellent results, especially the later Blu-ray audio discs which my Sony Blu-ray changer either wouldn't play or take forever to boot up. Eventhough the Oppo website didn't have any to sell, I called Oppo directly and they sold me one for their legit retail price and I had it the next day.
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    You could use the Oppo as a pre amp and have a number of 851Ws to provide power to the speakers. I think Rotel do a number of multi channel amp models. (RMB 1506 and RMB 1575 ).
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    I would suggest the Emotiva XMC-1. I've had one for a few years and it's excellent for stereo and multichannel music. It has a stereo XLR input which my 205 is connected to. For multichannel music I use HDMI to take advantage of the XMC-1's Dirac room correction.

    For years I used Onkyo prepros and Denon AVRs (as prepros) and always used an analog preamp with HT Bypass for stereo music listening. I just found the SQ of the Onkyo and Denon processors to be lacking for stereo music. With the XMC-1 there is no need for an analog preamp as the SQ is on a par when using the analog preamps IMO. Of course you'll need multichannel amplification as the XMC-1 is only a prepro with no amps.
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    I've been looking at the Emotiva XMC-1 myself, but by the time you add a new video board for HDMI 2.0 and a decent amp...well, it certainly starts to add up. I know, I know, you've gotta pay to play!
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    Buy used (if you're willing)? I just picked up what was a £1700 Onkyo AV pre for £150. All the bells and whistles that I'll need for now, plus some I'll use later.

    Can be a good way to get that step up but without sacrificing your bank account! At full price, my system, including the new pre, would've cost £3500. Cost to me, about a third.

    It's not immediate (this has been built up over about four years, with the Cambridge 752BD, though most of the acquisitions have been in the past 15 months or so) but the end results have been excellent. Very high quality audio.
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    I agree with Brother_Rael as far as looking for a used XMC-1. The warranty is transferable and then you could do the HDMI 2.0 board upgrade. Decent multichannel amps are plentiful and many are available used as well. I still have a 1080p plasma so no need or desire to upgrade the HDMI board. I'm waiting for the next generation XMC version with hopes for improved Dirac features. I have an Emotiva 40% discount card ready to go :)!
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    Where do you go for a primer on this stuff? I would like a 205 and multi-channel through analogue, but I’m not really sure of all the equipment I would need besides the Oppo. Sometimes I feel like I’m on the slow bus when it comes to hardware.
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  9. Analog multichannel is pretty easy with the UDP-205, because the UDP-205 can act as a digital preamp. Therefore, all you will need is a multichannel amp. For example:

    Monolith by Monoprice 7x200 Watts Per Channel Multi-Channel Home Theater Power Amplifier with XLR Inputs - Monoprice.com

    You can connect the rest of your digital sources to the UDP-205 (through USB, optical, coaxial, ethernet, wifi) and use the UDP-205 to switch between sources and for volume control. There are even iOS and Android apps you can use to control the source selection, volume, etc.
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    It can be overwhelming. Just let us know what you're trying to do (or what your ideal set up is), and lots of folks here can get you pointed in the right direction.
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    I should have said CXR which my neighbour has.

    However, I'm not a boring nerd who holds the details or model number of every frigging product in my head.
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    Thanks for the offer—I have a digital multichannel system now running through my refurbed Oppo 203 but it uses an old Yamaha HTR-6160 with HDMI to power 2 old Polk SDA2’s and 3 Polk SDA-CRS speakers as rear and center channels. I love the Polks. I thought I’d try to get a 205 and run it analogue to get the best audio I can. I also have some nice Senn 650’s and an 8 TB external hard drive with my ripped collection, both of which from what I understand could be best utilized by getting the USB DAC and headphone amp that comes with the 205. I don’t care much about video. I know I am tremendously under powered given the speakers I have.
    Someday I’d also like to set up a second system, stereo, with the 203 in another room. I want to buy a vintage turntable, starter package, since my old one is beyond help I think. In the long run I would love to get some magnapans for that second system, too, but that’s just crazy talk at the moment. For now, the 205, given my multichannel investment (emotional and otherwise) seems like a wise move before Oppo and/or I leave the earth. :). I’m open to contrary opinions though, since I’m no expert.
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    Have you - or another board member - actually heard this Monoprice? I've used their cables but was not aware they built high-end (for me, anyway) components.
  14. ATI builds the amps (in California) for Monoprice, and I have heard nearly identical ATI, Adcom, and Outlaw-branded amps (ATI is an OEM for Outlaw and Adcom, and many more companies). They sound great and have rock solid reliability. I can safely predict the Monoprice amps will sound similar to the other ATI-sourced amps.
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  15. It sounds like what you would want to do is what I recommended above--ie, use the 205 as a digital preamp/DAC. Now your biggest choice is finding a multichannel amp that you like!
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  16. Here's a recommendation--I have heard that the Nuprime MCH=K38 is a really fantastic amplifier. It has a very interesting circuit topology--a Class A amplifier for the first few watts which then hands off the higher watt output to a Class D amplifier. The only other company I know of that utilizes a similar amplification scheme is Devialet. Anyway, Nuprime was started by former Nuforce execs and engineers. Nuforce worked with Oppo to develop the BDP-83 Special Edition and later developed the BDP-93 Nuforce Edition upgraded player.

    MCH-K38 - NuPrime Audio
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  17. I have also heard very good things about the Wyred4Sound MC7150. Wyred4Sound is a brand owned by Cullen Circuits. Cullen Circuits used to be (and might still be) and OEM for PS Audio's amplifiers.

    MC 7150
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  18. Bill Mac

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    I have used Wyred4Sound amps for a few years now. A pair of SX-500 mono blocks, ST-500 and ST-250. All four amps were bought used at significant savings over list prices. I'm very happy with them and power is not a problem at all driving my Salk speakers. Using all XLR connections with the XMC-1 the amps are dead quiet with zero noise, hiss or hum with my ear right up to all five speakers.
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    ATI does OEMs to a spec & specific price point.
    Whether or not they will "sound similar" is really up to the listener.
    The ATI-owned Theta NCore amps sound different than the ATI NCore amps and are built & priced differently.
    If you're a person who thinks any well-designed properly functioning amp will sound like another then the least expensive one is the way to go.
    Monoprice does offer a lot of value as does Outlaw especially being sold direct.
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    Agree re the 203. Bought one and returned it. Not a great sounding player. Ok, but that’s it. To my ears , good w Hi Rez, lousy w CDs
  21. These Chinese products are now subject to US tariffs:

    Electronic integrated circuits: processors and controllers
    Electronic integrated circuits: memories
    Electronic integrated circuits: amplifiers
    Electronic integrated circuits: other
    Parts of electronic integrated circuits and microassemblies
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  22. The circuit designs are generally the same, and what largely differentiates the various ATI OEM products is the casework (including front panels and feet), with some being more elaborate and expensive than others. Some different electrical components (i.e., capacitors, resistors, IEC plugs, speaker jacks, etc.) might also be used and the ones of the boutique variety might yield a subtle difference in sound quality, but amps built to the same circuit designs are going to sound very, very similar regardless of component choices. All IMHO, of course.
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  24. I'm not sure how the tariffs will affect the price of the Oppo (or any other electronics made in China).

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