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  1. EddieMann

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    Well! I’d say they pulled that off rather nicely.
  2. chacha

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    I pretty much think Jason Schwartzman is always miscast. Terrible actor for me
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    All 4 seasons are on HULU
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  4. Chris from Chicago

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    Episode 6.

    Twitchy cop dies. Almost. Is this season a metaphor for hunan rights? Or equal rights? I guess time will tell.

    Lesbian outlaws pay a visit to Italian mafia's house. Doesn't go well for the mobsters.

    Killer nurse narrowly escapes being discovered due to anonymous note.

    Looks like a trading of the hostages is in order. But plans keep getting screwed up.

    Killer nurse takes care of the groaner.

    Im not much of a predictor. But it's slowly building in tension, and chaos, in classic Coen Brothers fashion, toward some sort of closure.
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    Would you guys mind moving discussion of the current series to the thread dedicated to it? I'm avoiding that thread because I don't want to see any spoilers. I'd like to be able to keep up with this thread; there might be some info on the series itself and if I ignore the current alerts I won't get anymore in the future.

    Hope you understand. Thanks.
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  7. ScorpSik

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    I'm late to the party... bought the season 1-3 boxset to watch during my furlough from work.
    I adored season 1.
    Season 2 was not my cup of tea at all. Didn't care for any of the characters and the gang war thing felt like something I'd seen in a million crime shows before.
    Just started season 3 - first episode watched - and I love it. So far :)
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  8. L.P.

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    I just binge-watched season 1 for the first time (very late to the party) and most of season 2. I completely agree with you. Season 2 is not bad but season 1 was so much better. Plenty of suspense and dark humor, but also the humanity on the other hand. The Molly/Gus relationship or that one scene where the rabbi comes over in the middle of the night. Season 2 is just stupid people killing each other.
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  9. misterjones

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    Season one was chock-full of references to Coen Brothers movies. It really dropped off after that. I found that to be a major part of the entertainment value of the series. It dwindled into, as you say, stupid people killing each other and incessant dialogue stretching with "ya know, geez, it's not . . . you know . . . right ta . . . aw, geez, ya know . . . you just can't be, ya know, geez . . . ya can't just come in here and . . . geez . . . ya know . . . it's . . . aw, geez . . ."
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  10. jwoverho

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    Almost done with Season 1. Getting the Amazon Fire Stick during Prime Days has opened my viewing up exponentially. Maybe too much! lol
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  11. Bill Mac

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    I got into Fargo recently and just finished Season 1. It is a bit dark and violent but Billy Bob Thornton kept me watching with his endless screwing with people. Started Season 2 and within 10-15 minutes I was done. The scene at the diner was enough to turn me off. Moving on.
  12. Blair G.

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    I barely remember Season 2, guess it didn’t make much of an impression though I vaguely recall thinking Martin Freeman was an odd choice for his role.

    Season 3 was very good IMO, great & subtle performance by Carrie Coon.
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  13. misterjones

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    What I think really made a fine season one even more special was its numerous references to the Coen movies. Those trailed off a lot in later seasons as the show’s writers focused more on the violence and the “it’s just, like, I mean, you know, eh” dialogue.
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  14. Ken_McAlinden

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    Season Two took a couple of big swings that did not really work, but there was still a lot of good stuff in there, especially episodes 8 & 9. I liked Bokeem Woodbine's Mike Milligan character and (without getting too spoilery) how his story resolved itself in a kind of perfect anticlimax.

    Plus, Jean Smart, Zahn McClarnon, and Jesse Plemons are never boring to watch.
  15. misterjones

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    Season 3, episode 3 ("The Law of Non-Contradiction") was one of my favorites. I remember many here at this site did not like it at the time. I loved the Serious Man vibe.

    "I can help!"
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  16. kwadguy

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    That would be the Billy Swan vibe.

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