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"Fast Times At Ridgemont High" Criterion Release, May 2021

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by JAuz, Feb 12, 2021.

  1. Shoes1916

    Shoes1916 Forum Resident

    United States
    Long overdue; kind of a masterpiece...
  2. Shoes1916

    Shoes1916 Forum Resident

    United States
    White clam sauce?
  3. Shoes1916

    Shoes1916 Forum Resident

    United States
    My DVD has all the songs!
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  4. Vahan

    Vahan Forum Resident

    Glendale, CA, USA
  5. Jamey K

    Jamey K Internet Sensation

    When Brads throws coffee in the robber's face and get's salutations from Spicoli?
  6. Hanglow

    Hanglow Forum Resident

    Saratoga New York
    Poor guy ...he had a nice job at All American Burger but Arnold couldn't wait to hit the john...so he got stuck
    waiting on that piece of work customer who wasn't 100% satisfied with the meal ,witch he ate most of it.
    ....."I know way too much about that scene":whistle:

    Nice uniform :biglaugh:
  7. Jack Lord

    Jack Lord Forum Resident

    Washington, DC
    As long as it still has Pheobe, I will upgrade.
  8. Panther

    Panther Forum Resident

    Tokyo, Japan
    It's amazing how crude mainstream American teen films were in the early-80s... even up to the mid-80s, as the John Hughes films still have a bit of that stank on them. Fascinating to see now, of course, if not exactly comfortable.
  9. Jrr

    Jrr Forum Resident

    Preordered! A must buy for me.
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  10. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    COOL! I will have to own this...nice.
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  11. Finally!! I've been waiting forever for a version to include the made for TV scenes. I love this movie!
  12. Pizza

    Pizza With extra pepperoni

    And it’s because of that one scene the film has gotten so much of its notoriety. I like the movie but a Criterion issue? Silly choice.
  13. Shoes1916

    Shoes1916 Forum Resident

    United States
    I would recommend checking the movie out again; it's MUCH darker & more serious than you may remember.

    I cried more than I laughed the last time I saw it, and was very impressed with its wisdom & insight.

    Serious piece of feminist cinema, and a staggeringly gifted cast - one of the best films of the 80s.
  14. dirkster

    dirkster Forum Resident

    McKinney, TX, USA
    So fascinating to watch this movie in 2021 and remember things like malls, food courts, video game arcades or even the act of standing in physical lines on a Saturday morning to buy concert tickets when they went on sale.
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  15. JAuz

    JAuz Forum Resident Thread Starter

    By the way, there's a poster on Blu-ray.com that seems to have been involved with or has knowledge about this release and has a couple of interesting tidbits:

    - the scene with Damone and Stacey in the pool house, which had a shot of Mike that was cropped to avoid censors, has apparently been reinstated. Amy Heckerling talked about this scene in her commentary and has always wanted it included.

    - apparently Cameron Crowe's original book might be getting a reprint. This is big news as it always goes for huge amounts of money on the reseller market.
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  16. clhboa

    clhboa Forum Resident

    I can't tell you how happy this makes me. My favorite movie of all-time. I've been wanting the tv-only scenes for years!!!!
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  17. Does anyone know why it’s been out of print for so long? As far as I know Crowe hasn’t tried to suppress it or anything and there’s no doubt that there’s been demand.
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  18. Jack Lord

    Jack Lord Forum Resident

    Washington, DC
    It's about time! I was lucky enough to read a borrowed copy way back in the 80s. It's fantastic.
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  19. George Co-Stanza

    George Co-Stanza Forum Resident

    Similar to The Breakfast Club, it borders the line between comedy and drama, but I do think it is is still pretty damn funny. I do like the more serious moments a lot, as it gives it more of a real feel instead of being just a cheap high school flick about sex like Porky's (funny movie). I always liked the way the abortion thing was handled. Damone wanted to do the right thing, but couldn't get they money to pay his half; Stacy having the guts to do it and to ask Damone to pay half; Brad being there for his sister after she exited the clinic (the most genuine moment of the film). Great stuff.
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  20. paste

    paste Forum Resident

    That would be great. I bought a copy in the mid 80s, but it along with a bunch of other books/magazines, got lost in an electrical fire at my parents' house in the 90s.

    My friend and I made our own ultimate version of Fast Times in the late 80s using the tv version that first aired on CBS in 84, the cable version, and a version that aired on one of the local channels. Turned out ok considering we did it with just two vcrs and no editing software.
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  21. Jimmy B.

    Jimmy B. Stuck in the 21st Century.

    My old Blu-ray will do me fine.
    Unless they included a separate disc with TONS of outtake scenes with it, there'd be no reason for me to shell out the money.
    I still think this is the best scene of the movie as filmed, which I saw in one of a couple different TV edits:
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  22. Dream On

    Dream On Forum Resident

    Agreed, I thought it was a really great film. Came across as very insightful and authentic. I will probably have to pick this up and give it a second viewing.

    Forgettable movies like Ferris Bueller for some reason seem to be remembered more fondly, which I can't for the life of me understand. But clearly that might not be all true given Fast Times is getting the Criterion treatment.
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  23. Jrr

    Jrr Forum Resident

    I struggled with that dilemma too, especially since I just upgraded to blu-ray three months ago. But I love collecting Criterian dvds and they do a terrific job. And they don’t exactly put out a lot of pip culture type films like this, so I’m excited to see how it looks.
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  24. JohnO

    JohnO Forum Resident

    Washington, DC
    I almost hope they don't reissue the book. I bought the gold cover movie tie-in paperback when it came out. I've been holding that in case I need a new car...
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  25. yesstiles

    yesstiles Senior Member

    The only scene in the movie which makes my heart sink and my head shake. Sad to know how often that happens in real life. Really sours the movie imo. Other than that it's a great time capsule.
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