Favorite Actor Who Was Never In A GREAT Movie?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by MortSahlFan, Mar 5, 2020.

  1. EProphet

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    Ben Gazzara is the main antagonist in Road House- more than a cameo role. Jeff Healey's role in Road House is a cameo .
    Killing of a Chinese Bookie is NOT a bigger film than Road House in terms of box office receipts or exposure. Road House earned more money and is on tv much more often.
    Most people have not seen Killing of a Chinese Bookie. It bombed when released.
    Try again.
  2. Oatsdad

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    Cagney has plenty of high-quality movies. No way he ever belonged in this thread!
  3. Luvtemps

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    You're my hero.
  4. unclefred

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    I've always loved his work, and his political wit.
  5. Pratt

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    Believe me, PLENTY of Mr Cushing's movies are great!
    Horror Of Dracula
    The Curse Of Frankenstein
    The Mummy
    Brides Of Dracula
    The Hound Of The Baskerville
    The Gorgon
    Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
    Star Wars
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  6. Vidiot

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    Which reminds me: comedian Gilbert Gottfried has a great joke...

    Gilbert is walking in a forest late at night. Just as he gets to a clearing, the area begins to glow. He looks up and sees an enormous spaceship land. A door opens, and an alien gets out. Much to Gilbert's shock, the alien walks right up to him, holds out his hand in a peaceful salute, and says, "why is it that Ben Gazzara doesn't work more often?"
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  7. the pope ondine

    the pope ondine Forum Resident


    Opening Night, great movie with Gene Rowlands, must be seen!

    Harper! Pink Panther

    so far we havent gotten one....
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  8. freddog

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    The film critic Stanley Kaufman talked about how James Cagney had a rare quality that he described as "electric." Unlike Bogart, who was laid-back and cool, Cagney was supercharged and had a quality that commanded your attention so you couldn't take your eyes off him every time he appeared on screen.

    Was he ever in a great movie? Many of them. And many films he made great, just by being in them.
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  9. Jim N.

    Jim N. Get off my lawn, punk, or hear my Mossberg sing!

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    Well, how about The Bedford Incident, Madigan, Pickup on South Street, Night and The City, Judgement At Nuremburg...

    The problem with this thread is the ambiguity of "great movie". Someone can just dismiss your response by saying "that was /was not a great movie", like I did here (and nothing personal meant to the person who I quoted).
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  10. Honey Bunches of Sadness

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    One False Move is a great film filled with great writing and acting. Paxton's role is key, and he nailed it.
  11. Jim N.

    Jim N. Get off my lawn, punk, or hear my Mossberg sing!

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    That is quite true about Cagney. However the film of his that I enjoy the most these day is "The Gallant Hours", in which is plays a marvelously subtle Bull Halsey.
  12. Honey Bunches of Sadness

    Honey Bunches of Sadness Forum Resident

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    I would definitely rank Once Upon a Time in America as a great film. It's really DeNiro's movie, but Woods is absolutely his equal in their scenes together.
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  13. Holerbot6000

    Holerbot6000 Forum Resident

    Hell and High Water, Broken Lance, Kiss of Death, Yellow Sky!

    Love me some Richard Widmark!
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  14. rjp

    rjp Senior Member

    nothing personal taken.....i get it.
  15. Honey Bunches of Sadness

    Honey Bunches of Sadness Forum Resident

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    Are folks suggesting Roadhouse is a great film? Critical consensus was .... not good:

    Road House (1989)
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  16. johnod

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    I was wondering about that myself.
  17. socorro

    socorro Forum Resident

    Doesn't crack the top ten for gangster movies of that era IMO. Waste of a great cast.
  18. socorro

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    He was hardly the protagonist, but Cagney was very much *in* Ragtime, which I consider one of the finest films ever made.

    I haven't rewatched many Cagney films, so I don't know if the ones I loved best (Public Enemy, White Heat, Mister Roberts) would hold up today, but they were great to me when I saw them.
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  19. socorro

    socorro Forum Resident

    I would certainly count Once Upon A Time In America, and I think it's a great movie.

    I loved him in True Believer.
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  20. hi_watt

    hi_watt The Road Warrior

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    Richard Lynch (although the Seven Ups is a GOOD movie).
  21. Ignatius

    Ignatius Forum Resident

    Sid Haig
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  22. MortSahlFan

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    Have you ever seen the documentaries "Seven-Up"? I HIGHLY recommend it to all.
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  23. ~dave~~wave~

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    Seen them all but the last one.

    Anybody know a way to stream 63 Up sequel in the USA?
    It was on UK TV last year.

    Might have planned a theatrical release here first, bad timing.
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  24. hi_watt

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    Cool! I'll check it out, thanks!
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  25. Roland Stone

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    I think lots of action film stars have never done a genuinely great film, although some of their roles may be in films described as iconic.

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