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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by ModernBingFan0377, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. ModernBingFan0377

    ModernBingFan0377 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    As my Walmart has already put up the Christmas decor and set out the Christmas albums, I'd like to ask you all about who your favorite Christmas singer is.

    For me the voice of Christmas is Bing Crosby, besides a few, to me most Christmas recordings Bing made are the definitive versions. Perry Como comes in second for me as he is able to deliver versions of Christmas songs almost on par with Bing Crosby as Perry has that same warmth. Nat King Cole comes in 3rd because of his 'The Christmas Song' album.
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  2. JuanTCB

    JuanTCB Forum Resident

    Brooklyn, NY
    Darlene Love
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  3. Harp Of Glass

    Harp Of Glass Forum Resident

    Andy Williams
    Burl Ives
  4. musicfan37

    musicfan37 Senior Member

    Bing Crosby
    Dean Martin
    Nat King Cole
    Andy Williams
  5. Jack

    Jack It’s alright, in fact it’s a gas

    Bob Dylan
    David Bowie
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  6. egebamyasi

    egebamyasi Forum Resident

    Worcester, MA
    Buck Owens
    Robert Goulet
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  7. speedracer

    speedracer Forum Resident

    Anonymous 4
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  8. Chemguy

    Chemguy Forum Resident

    Elvis and Perry.
  9. jmpatrick

    jmpatrick Forum Resident

    Detroit, MI
    Sufjan Stevens
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  10. healter skealter

    healter skealter Forum Resident

    Penny Lane
    Justin Hawkins
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  11. flyingdutchman

    flyingdutchman Forum Resident

    Washington State
    There's no current or singer within the past 20 years worth listening to when it comes to Christmas music.
  12. R. Totale

    R. Totale The Voice of Reason

    Joseph Spence

  13. FillmoreGuy

    FillmoreGuy Forum Resident

    springfield nj
    Dean Martin (paired with some nice Scotch of course)
    Johnny Mathis/Percy Faith arrangements
  14. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Central PA
    The Blenders, from Fargo/Minneapolis. Freshest arrangements, audiophile-quality recordings, and I only listen to them for the season.
    Solo voice though, I've got a soft spot for Kate Rusby.

    And, hey - how'd we get all the way to the bottom of the page without Saint Karen coming up? (Is Bobby Morrow out of wifi range...? ;) )
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  15. Hadean75

    Hadean75 Forum Moonlighter

    Gene Autry, of course.

  16. ModernBingFan0377

    ModernBingFan0377 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I completely forgot about him, his album with Rudolph and dialogue between songs was the first Christmas album I ever got.
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  17. Hadean75

    Hadean75 Forum Moonlighter

    Some of my earliest Christmas memories include going to my grandparents house and listening to their Gene Autry Christmas record(s). We still listen to his Christmas songs every year while we put up Christmas decorations.
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  18. john lennonist

    john lennonist There ONCE was a NOTE, PURE and EASY...

  19. GeetarFreek

    GeetarFreek Forum Resident

    Burl Ives
    Thurl Ravenscroft
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  20. ModernBingFan0377

    ModernBingFan0377 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I love Nat's album of Christmas songs, and I would've included Dean among my favorites for Christmas, but I don't like the "hipper" sounding arrangements on his Reprise Christmas album, I love "A Winter Romance" though.
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  21. pokemaniacjunk

    pokemaniacjunk Forum Resident

    south paris maine
    Carl Finch

    I've been enjoying Brave Combo's album It's Christmas Man lately

    I also like the Christmas stuff Ringo Starr has done
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  22. HorseyAnn

    HorseyAnn Equine-loving rhyme-artist

  23. LennyC.

    LennyC. Well-Known Member

    Elvis, Dean and Frank.
  24. musicfan37

    musicfan37 Senior Member

    Gotta add Elvis Presley!
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  25. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Central PA
    One of the things I'm grateful about celebrating Christmas is, I have enough alternatives, that I don't need to celebrate with, what I most generously call, "other people's music" (that is, the Bings, the Frankies, the Amys, the Nats, the Elvises, and all the others that you always hear far too much of all over the radio far too early into the season). When you've been exposed to it as relentlessly as a guy who works in radio does, I think I deserve to celebrate the alternatives that most people take for granted, as they bob their heads endlessly to yet another royalty-check-cashing of "Wonderful Christmastime". I've always gone into the season searching for a fresh voice or a fresh song that will help me identify this Christmas differently, rather than the nostalgia that tugs at others' hearts.

    "My" artist in that respect, should be Johnny Mathis, as Mom had him on throughout the holiday, and who can forget those great Percy Faith arrangements. But, throughout my young life, she also had about 5 other Mathis albums without reindeer or snowmen in them, so I would hear him throughout my young life, so there was no identifying him (or, thank heavens, Andy Williams) specifically with "Christmas". So I don't begrudge others for having their favorites that tug their holiday heartstrings, I just need something different every holiday, to cleanse that palette.

    So...who's gonna be my JD McPherson or Ingrid Michaelson this year...?
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