Favorite European Movies?

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    I'm in America, but I think the ratio is better in Europe. Also keep in mind they wouldn't be showing bad foreign movies on TCM (as well as other outlets)… I consider Russia or the USSR a part of Asia, but culturally (movies), I guess I'll add them here.. But I won't include movies from the UK. I'll also omit movies by European directors whose entire movie is in English (My Dinner With Andre, for example)..

    La Strada
    The Battle of Algiers
    Umberto D
    Shadows in Paradise
    Bicycle Thieves
    La Grande Illusion
    The Seventh Seal
    Wild Strawberries
    The Cranes Are Flying
    The Earth Trembles
    The Sign of the Leo
    Take Care of Your Scarf, Tatiana
    Lulu the Tool
    Dry Summer
    A Special Day
    La Terrazza
    Il Sorpasso
    The 400 Blows
    Le Trou
    The Roof
    Le Chat
    Never on Sunday
    Autumn Sonata
    La Vie de Boheme
    La Horse
    A Brief Vacation
    His Days are Numbered
    Two Women
    Rocco and His Brothers
    Nights of Cabiria
    A Man Escaped
    Eyes Without a Face
    Serie Noire
    Knife in the Water
    Le Jour Se Leve
    Le Notti Bianche
    Carriage to Vienna
    The Ear
    The Hunt
    Fists in the Pocket
    The Organizer
    A Bad Son
    Scenes From a Marriage
    The Worthless
    The Bridge
    Turkish Delight
    Mamma Roma
    The Rules of the Game
    The Fire Within
    Alice in the Cities
    Mr Klein
    Kranes Konditori
    Los Olvidados
    Yesterday Girl
    Le Cercle Rouge
    Ole Dole Doff
    The Match Factory Girl
    The Fifth Seal
    Fate of a Man
    Miracle in Milan
    Two Half-Times in Hell
    The Round-Up
    I Only want You to Love Me
    Sundays and Cybele
    La Notte
    Big Deal on Madonna Street
    Purple Noon
    Slap the Monster on Page One
    Il Generale Della Rovere
    The Shop on Main Street
    Death in Venice
    La Dolce Vita
    Day of Wrath
    Romeo, Julie a tma
    Wings of Desire
    Drifting Clouds
    Get Out Your Handkerchiefs
    Il Grido
    The Leopard
    The Forest For the Trees
    Mr Kinky
    A Generation
    My Way Home
    Veronika Voss
    Diary of a Country Priest
    Chloe in the Afternoon
    Ali: Fear Eats the Soul
    A Gentle Creature
    The Merchant of Four Seasons
    The Castle of Purity
    The Emigrants
    Belle de Jour
    Ballad of a Soldier
    Mother Kuesters Goes to Heaven
    Le Havre
    Le Petit Soldat
    Crime and Punishment
    The Cousins
    The Punishment
    The Edukators
    Summer with Monika
    The Other Side of Hope
    It Happened in Broad Daylight
    My Night at Maud's
    This Man Must Die
    The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant
    Two Men in Town
    Mille milliards de dollars
    The Ascent
    Germany Year Zero
    Le Beau Serge
    The Promise
    The Vanishing
    Cinema Paradiso
    The Piano Teacher

    Place de la Republique
    Chronicle of a Summer
    Le Joli Mai
    Black Box BRD
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    Jonah Who Will Be 25 In The Year 2000
    Betty Blue
    Going Places
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    1. There’s already a thread in existence. Lol.
    Search engine is your friend!!!!
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    New Hampshire
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    I ALWAYS type in keywords in the search (top right) - didn't see it.
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    Mexican, not European. As discussed in the other thread on European cinema, the consensus within the film industry is that it’s the origin of the production that is important in this regard, not the birthplace of the director. Buñuel was living and working in Mexico at the time. The production company, the crew: everything about this film marks it out as a Mexican production.
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    Peppermint Soda
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    Thanks for the correction.. I just assumed because HE was Spanish that it was made in Spain.
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    No worries.

    Because of the Spanish Civil War, Buñuel made relatively few films in Spain, or for Spanish production companies. He worked a lot in France before moving to Mexico for many years, then returning to Europe for that great run of classics toward the end of his career.
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