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  1. Veggie Boy

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    Not a music documentary per say but NY77 - The Coolest Year in Hell is a VH1 produced documentary about (obviously) New York City in 1977. It describes the political and social issues facing a dirty and dangerous NYC of the seventies but a lot of the documentary also discusses the emergence of punk, disco and hip-hop.

    A worthwhile watch.
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  2. Binni

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  3. Sternodox

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    Rewind ... a documentary about Coroner. Lots of rare footage of Coroner playing live back to their earliest days along with more recent interviews and in-studio recording. Great stuff! Killer band!
  4. Trace

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    Agreed, it's a good one! I was lucky to grab the DVD set before the price went crazy on Amazon. I think I got mine for under $20!

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    Yep you got a deal my friend

  6. sakuraba

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    Sigur Ros - Heima

    Beautiful look at Iceland as the band tours the country playing in unique venues
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    BILLONEEG Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    I'll Be Me
    To Joey With Love
    Girl Groups-The Story Of A Sound
    The Compleat Beatles
    The Wrecking Crew
    Muscle Shoals
  8. Fifth-Chord

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    So many excellent docs! I scrolled though all the pages and didn't notice these that I really enjoyed:

    Sonic Highways
    American Epic
    All Things Shall Pass - The Rise & Fall of Tower Records
    Under The Influence - Keith Richards
    The Defiant Ones

    I would also vote up:
    Headbanger's Journey
    Charles Bradley
    Muscle Shoals
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  9. skydropco

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  10. Grunge Master

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    The Devil And Daniel Johnston is a new favorite of mine. It's about Daniel Johnston, a pioneer of the low-fi indie/punk scene of the early 80's (although on accident; he was just recording on whatever he had to record on, which was a little tape recorder). He ends up having bi-polar disorder, and his story really is fascinating. Even if you aren't a fan of his music, it's worth watching. It's both uplifting, and incredibly sad.
  11. The Hud

    The Hud Where The Demons Dwell

    I Am Thor

    Never heard of him before, but some fun heavy metal. He is a hard worker, that is for sure.
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  12. OldSoul

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  13. MarkTWIC

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    History of the Drumset by Daniel Glass

    You can watch this series online. There is a DVD but the essentials are online albeit with elements repeated which can get a bit irritating. Genuinely learned things about music I had no idea about.

  14. kanakaris

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  15. mdent

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    Earlier today I watched the documentary Eric Clapton - Life In 12 Bars. I found it honest and parts quite moving (in a painful way).
  16. Yovra

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    I love the Julien Temple-movies:
    1. Keith Richards, Origin of the species
    2. Oil City Confidential
    3. The Ecstasy of Wilko Johnson
    his music-documentaries are noisy and fragmented affairs, but in the case of rock music it works great!
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  17. Jazzmonkie

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    Tempe, AZ
    Straight No Chaser
    Jazz on a Summer's Day
    Tim Buckley My Fleeting House
    Genghis Blues
  18. Fastnbulbous

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    The Filth and the Fury is excellent also.
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  19. Yovra

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    Haven't seen that one yet, I'm going to check that one out. :thumbsup:
  20. Fastnbulbous

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    You won't be disappointed. Temple may be an uneven documentarian but he has a gift for getting people to open up to him. Especially Sid, and Johnny talking about Sid. "I could take on England, but I couldn't take on one heroin addict."
  21. Binni

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  23. If I Can Dream_23

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    As of recently, yes I'm almost a half century late to the party...

    Woodstock (1970). :)
  24. Fastnbulbous

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    Never heard of it. What's it about?
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    I've been through the lists here, and one I haven't seen mentioned is one of my favorites, a lovely doc from 2002 called "Good Rockin' Tonight: The Legacy of Sun Records".
    It features many who are now gone, Sonny Burgess, Billy Lee Riley and Sam himself, as well as newer acts doing classic tunes, and it is a story-filled joy for anyone who loves early rockabilly and Sun in particular.
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