Favorite New York Songs?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by RZangpo2, Oct 11, 2004.

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  1. ceddy10165

    ceddy10165 My life was saved by rock n roll

    Avon, CT
    Autumn in New York (Holiday, Sinatra, Sun Ra)
    New York, New York (ryan adams)
    New York Town (sun ra)
    Hard Times in New York Town (Bob Dylan)
  2. Ben Sinise

    Ben Sinise Forum Reticent

    Art Garfunkel - A Heart In New York, complete with city sounds in the background.
  3. theoxrox

    theoxrox Forum Resident

    central Wisconsin
    How about "59th Street Bridge Song (Feeling Groovy!)"?

    Also, I have a favorite instrumental by the Village Stompers (ca. 1966) called "The Bird of Bleecker Street," which I believe is a NYC song. Damn, I'm on a roll here! How about "Washington Square?"
  4. CT Dave

    CT Dave Forum Resident

    I remember when I was a kid hearing this song, wondering why on earth anyone would want to go "Up On The Roof". That song made very little sense to a young kid living in the suburbs. :)

    And I can say that I have had the pleasure of being in New York and going "Up On The Roof."
  5. daveman

    daveman Forum All Star

    Gotta go with "The Only Living Boy In New York".
  6. Uncle Al

    Uncle Al Senior Member

    Long Island, NY
    How about "New York City" by Lennon's Plastic Ono Band. Quite a bright spot in an otherwise lesser album (and probably the best penned Lennon rocker of his post Beatles career). It even "felt" like NY to this New Yorker.
  7. Drawer L

    Drawer L Forum Resident In Memoriam

    Long Island
    "53rd & 3rd"-Ramones
    "Central Park & West"-Ian Hunter
    "Bleeker Street"-Simon & Garfunkel

    Oh,and Billy Joel's from HICKSVILLE.
  8. ZenArcher

    ZenArcher Forum Resident

    Durham, NC
    "New York Skyline" on Garland Jeffrey's "Ghostwriter." Fine, overlooked album, BTW.
  9. Jefhart

    Jefhart Forum Resident

    Good choices, but don't forget "Incident On 57th Street" my all time favorite Springsteen song.

  10. maccascruff

    maccascruff New Member

    I love NYC and the song that reminds me of my few visits is Billy Joel and his New York State of Mind. Aren't a lot of Billy Joel songs about New York. I'd have to say I like 57th Street Bridge Song, too.
  11. Favourite New York Songs

    Manhattan Skyline by David Shire (from "Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack")
    Another Rainy Day in New York City by Chicago (from Chicago X)
    Terminal by Rupert Holmes (from Widescreen)
  12. theoxrox

    theoxrox Forum Resident

    central Wisconsin
    How about "Wings Over Manhattan" by Charlie Barnet (big band of the 1940's)? And "Manhattan Spiritual" (which sounds suspiciously Chicago-ish) by Reg Owen (big band instrumental, 1958).
  13. Kym

    Kym Senior Member

    "The Apple Stretching," Grace Jones
  14. MikeP5877

    MikeP5877 Non-essential

    Barry Manilow - New York City Rhythm :thumbsup:
  15. grbl

    grbl Just Lurking

    new york
    Back in New York City - Genesis
  16. Frank G

    Frank G Forum Resident

    Manhattan Spiritual

    Jeez, I've not heard the Reg Owens' version. In Oregon, the version we heard was by King Richard's Fleugel Knights (or some such group). Now I have to do some searching.

    Frank G
  17. john greenwood

    john greenwood Well-Known Member

    Manhattan the first hit song by Rodgers and Hart

    We'll have Manhattan
    The Bronx and Staten
    Island, too.
    It's lovely going through
    The zoo.
  18. paulg61

    paulg61 Forum Resident

    How about "Shattered"? as in "Sha looby, Uh huh! This towns in Taters, I'm a Shattered
    Go ahead - bite the Big Apple, (Don't mind the maggots!)
  19. ubsman

    ubsman Active Member

    New York City Boy PSB
  20. sprocket

    sprocket Active Member

    Shafter, Ca
    Movin' Out -- Billy Joel
  21. Kym

    Kym Senior Member

    Heh heh heh...yeah! :righton:
  22. Kym

    Kym Senior Member

    Andrea True Connection - "N.Y., You Got Me Dancing"
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