Favorite season of Breaking Bad?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Chrome_Head, Oct 19, 2018.

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    Hard to believe it's been over ten years now since this show debuted.

    I watched every episode on TV as it aired, and hadn't watched it since. These past few weeks, after the finale of Better Call Saul S4, I was inspired to go back and watch what I think is my favorite BB season, 4.

    Like others said in the (now locked) mega thread on this show here on these forums, BB S4 starts out a bit slow. Walt spends a lot of time trying to figure out how to get close enough to Gus to off him. There is an episode where Marie, the sister-in-law, breaks bad herself while her husband recovers from injuries suffered in S3, that was well done but felt a bit like filler.

    But man oh man, by the end of this season, there are some moments of white-knuckle suspense. Some amazing moments too: the short and tragic look into the background of Gus; Jesse going down to Mexico and gaining a bit of respect from Gus and Mike by telling off the cartel's cook; the show making you think that Walt is going to take the easy way out and go on the run with his family, but his wife gave $600,000 of his money to her ex-boss who's getting audited. And those last few episodes with the cat and mouse game between Walt and Gus--brilliant stuff.

    The only season which gives S4 a run for it's money, IMO, is S2--from the mind-blowing reveal of the episode titles, to the Walt's actions hurting the public at large when he lets Jesse's girlfriend perish (leading to the plane crash), to Walt and Jesse getting abducted by Tuco to Walt himself fully donning the Heisenberg persona. S2 was also brilliant. I need to rewatch that one too, but right now, S4 edges it out slightly because all the secrets are out in the open and the clash at the end is unforgettable.

    What's your favorite season from this amazing show?
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    I was going to contribute, and then realized it's been so long since I watched BB that I can't remember which season I liked best! I need to do a rewatch - maybe during the Christmas break. More later...
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    Amazing show indeed. Can't separate the seasons.
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    season 2 has the debuts of Mike, Hector, Saul and Gus. That cinches it for me.

    Special mention of small, but crucial role for an excellent John De Lancie


    season 2 also contains the episode where the RV battery dies
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