Favorite version or versions of a TV theme song

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  1. sloaches

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    I always liked the intro to the TV show (when the showed that head turn close up of Jack Lord), but this is my favorite version of the Hawaii Five-O theme...

  2. ricks

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    Hudson Yards
    Great actor! In St Elsewhere a running "joke" was how his character might expire at any moment...

    Regarding the digital drums - yeah I know what you meant. Still for better or worse they lock the track in time. It's still on of my all-time favorite tunes and I even after 30 years (I first heard in on Night-Lines as a kid early in 88) and have not grown tired of it.
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  3. Jazzmonkie

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    An old favorite.
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  4. Dillydipper

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    I always liked the end theme from the ABC Max Headroom series from second season, with the synth cold-out. Can't find an example on the damn 'Tube, and it was crushed under V/O promotion every time anyway.

    Just something about the finality of the theme that had a little more power to it. I know it was seen as a light, silly kid's series capitalizing on an iconic Coke spokesman (nothing really like that again until the Geico Caveman got developed for a sitcom), but I always thought of it more as a 21st-Ctntury Lou Grant, when it showed its' potential to raise so many compelling issues in SF and journalism (double bonus for Amanda Pays just standing there on screen at any given time).
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  5. frummox

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    New York
    Soprano's theme song "Woke Up This Morning" still creeps me out in a good way.
  6. jbmcb

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    Troy, MI, USA
    Massive Attack: Teardrop

    Weirdly enough, they used an acoustic cover of the vocals in one of the episodes. It took half an hour to explain to my wife what she was hearing. "The original is Teardop, they made a non-vocal cover version for the theme song, this is an acoustic cover of the song the theme song was based on..." My head was exploding at the end.
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  7. jason88cubs

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  8. Mister Charlie

    Mister Charlie "Music Is The Doctor Of My Soul " - Doobie Bros.

    Aromas, CA USA
    I'm old...
    reaching way back for this one...

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  9. jbmcb

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    Troy, MI, USA
    Sorry, have to take back my previous post.

    Cowboy Bebop is a late 90's anime series that's a kind of mashup of space opera, hardboiled detective noir and western. Picture Sam Spade (the protagonist's name is Spike Spiegel) sauntering around dusty martian frontier towns looking for bounties to pick up, with a crazed version of Mancini's score for Anatomy of a Murder blasting in the background. That's Cowboy Bebop.

    The title theme is a throwback to 60's/70's cop shows. Luke Vibert, a well-known techno/IDM/EDM musician, took the short title theme, cleaned it up and arranged it into a complete song.

    It has one of the greatest title sequences of any show ever - it's basically an animated Blue Note record cover.
    Cowboy Bebop - Opening credits HD
  10. The Wanderer

    The Wanderer Seeker of Truth

  11. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    The Munsters...
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  12. Hyacinth House

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    Vancouver, WA

    The Equalizer

    I think there’s only one version.

    Stewart Copeland really nailed this one.
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  13. KevinP

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    And that premiered 45 years ago this week.
  14. BobbyG

    BobbyG Well-Known Member

    St. Paul
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  15. Gaslight


    Northeast USA
    First season of The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

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  16. Karnak

    Karnak "81-82-83-84..."

    Star Trek Enterprise. I picked up Russell Watson's long version on cd and it's no where as moving as the succinct one that begins the episodes.
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  17. KevinP

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    Agree, but they added one final tonic note at the very end in later seasons, and I know it's silly, but I miss it when watching the early ones.
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  18. Gaslight


    Northeast USA
    Not silly at all. Just how our brains work.

    Didn't realize this until much later but it's the more melancholy undertones that really hooked me on the first season theme. Plus Sonny Curtis' "after all" is much more prominent and really drove it home.
  19. John B

    John B Once Blue Gort,<br>now just blue.

    Toronto, Canada
    The coolest: Fireball XL5

  20. JFOK

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    Cape Cod, Mass.
    I can't just name one, so here are my favorite TV Theme versions...

    The original I Dream Of Jeannie theme (Jeannie's Waltz)
    The final season theme of Leave It To Beaver by Pete Rugalo
    Ben Casey theme
    First season Twilight Zone theme
    Bob Cummings Show/Love that Bob theme. Yes, I'm going way back.
    Second season closing theme to Dobie Gillis
    Danny Thomas Show theme, 1959 version.
    Closing theme to Gidget
    Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea
    The Rifleman theme
    Timmy and Lassie Theme song (Why isn't this show's soundtrack on CD ?)
    The Adventures Of Superman theme

    I'm sure I have several more, but that's all that first comes to mind.
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  21. MikeInFla

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    Always liked this theme but this version just isn't as good as the original. I had this album when I was a kid. I saw it a few years ago and downloaded it from iTunes for a trip down memory lane. I think this version of the song caused people to post reviews that the album was "fake" and not Mike Post when it fact it is. I think for some reason he could not use the original version so he updated the song.

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  22. Andy Smith

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  23. Luvtemps

    Luvtemps Forum Resident

    Being an-old head,my two favs are-Zorro[Out of the night ,when the full moon is bright comes the horseman known as Zorro]...Cheyenne[Cheyenne,Cheyenne where will you be camping tonight].
  24. Jimmy Disco D

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    Shropshire, UK
    Well bugger me, I’ve got (or at least I had) that on 12”, I never knew it was a theme tune.

    Edit: I just checked my collection on Discogs, I did sell it.... but it’s going for £140 now :shake:
  25. Splungeworthy

    Splungeworthy Forum Rezidentura

    The Newsroom-Season 1. I'm a huge fan of Thomas Newman generally.

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