Favourite Album Opener - Ye Grande Finale

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Hollow Horse, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Steve M.

    Steve M. Forum Resident

    They're all kind of meh by this point.
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  2. JumpinJimF

    JumpinJimF Forum Resident

    E.Midlands UK
    The answer my friend is...

    Gimme Shelter - by 1969 country miles.

    Although I am listening to a live 1975 Baba at the moment and wouldn't be devastated if that or Like A Rolling Stone won.
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  3. jpmosu

    jpmosu a.k.a. Mr. Jones

    Dayton, Ohio, USA
    This poll is CRUEL.

    Voted for the Stones, because that may be my favorite-ever song.
  4. JumpinJimF

    JumpinJimF Forum Resident

    E.Midlands UK
    Yes, well done Horse
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  5. JumpinJimF

    JumpinJimF Forum Resident

    E.Midlands UK
    You know you did the right thing.
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  6. JumpinJimF

    JumpinJimF Forum Resident

    E.Midlands UK
    Your meh is three and a half of the finest songs in the history of rock to me. I am genuinely interested when tastes differ, so what would be your choices?
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  7. Sordel

    Sordel Forum Resident

    Midlands, UK
    This was incredibly close to a dead heat for me between “Gimme Shelter” and “Baba O'Riley”. I literally had to listen to the two songs side by side and they both have fantastic intros, as well as being great songs. But I had to give it to The Stones in the end for this reason: after the fiddle section of “Baba O'Riley” I feel that the songs reaches such an emphatic endpoint that it just doesn't set up the song that follows (“Bargain”).

    Ironic that an avowed Stones sceptic would end up voting for them in the final but “Gimme Shelter” is just that good.
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  8. All Down The Line

    All Down The Line Forum Resident

    Gimme Shelter Please
  9. Hermes

    Hermes Forum Resident

    ... I'm glad The Who is doing well. We can't have that noisy trendy non artistic Stones tune take the gold.. Don't get me wrong: it's a good song, but it's not a great opening song.
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  10. Brian Kelly

    Brian Kelly 1964-73 rock's best decade

    Baba O' Riley

    None of the others here would be in my final four (Sgt. Pepper, Taxman, Subterranien Homesick Blues)
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  11. All Down The Line

    All Down The Line Forum Resident

    Now i have heard everything.
    Maybe it needs more bombast and a synth loop?
    I don't need to be forgiven!
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  12. bartels76

    bartels76 Forum Hall Of Fame

    I picked Gimmie Shelter.
  13. All Down The Line

    All Down The Line Forum Resident

    But neither My Generation, Substitute, Won't Get Fooled Again or Love Reign Over me are not opening songs.
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  14. Hermes

    Hermes Forum Resident

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  15. carlwm

    carlwm Forum Resident

    It's Mr Dylan for me!

    It's looking like it's going to be close!
    This has been fun. Many thanks to Hollow Horse for setting it all up. :tiphat:
  16. Parachute Woman

    Parachute Woman Forum Resident

    How exactly is Gimme Shelter 'non artistic'? Lyric, production, performance and arrangement are all stunning. Don't like 'noisy' or 'trendy' either.

    Speak for yourself on who you want to see win. You don't have to insult the selections of others.
  17. Paper Wizard

    Paper Wizard Forum Resident

  18. Hadean75

    Hadean75 Forum Moonlighter

    THE BEATLES - A Hard Day's Night - A Hard Day's Night
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  19. MGSeveral

    MGSeveral Forum Resident

    Have to give it to Bob.
  20. carlwm

    carlwm Forum Resident

    It's been an interesting - and when some of my favourites got the early Spanish archer - frustrating competition but it's also been endlessly fascinating. I don't necessarily like all the songs in the final but that's more to do with my own tastes and prejudices. Looking forward to repeating the exercise with closing songs.

    Just in case anybody is interested though, here are five openers that weren't in play that I regard as top notch:

    REO Speedwagon - Roll With The Changes (The Tuna Fish album, 1978)

    KISS - Detroit Rock City (Destroyer, 1976)

    Gordon Lightfoot - Race Among The Ruins (Summertime Dream, 1976)

    Dan Fogelberg - Nether Lands (Nether Lands, 1977)

    Blue Rodeo - 'Til I Am Myself Again (Casino, 1990)

    So many great songs out there!
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  21. Monosterio

    Monosterio Forum Resident

    South Florida
    So let me get this straight: Neither the Stones—the acknowledged masters of the killer album opener—nor Dylan ever came up with a better opening song than “Baba O’Riley”? :confused:
  22. HfxBob

    HfxBob Forum Resident

    a) The voting is pretty close.
    b) If you're going to discredit Baba O'Riley, you don't have to do it in such a roundabout way.
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  23. Hollow Horse

    Hollow Horse To the Regiment! Thread Starter

    The voting is close. I expected that. I'm not sure who said Gimme Shelter was non-artistic. It doesn't do anything for me (been said before) but isn't the beauty in the ears of the beholder?
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  24. planetexpress

    planetexpress Hypnotist Collector

    Tough choices.

    "Gimme Shelter" has that great guitar intro and might be culturally significant but I actually find it pretty weak (aka simple) lyrically.

    "A Hard Day's Night" has the only memorable opening note I know how to play and a nice meandering guitar lick at the end.
    The lyrics make some sense as an opener as I can imagine people playing the record "feeling alright" after work.
    But that's too literal and doesn't have any deep meaning to me.

    "Baba O'Riley" has that catchy synthasizer sound at the beginning and unexpected fiddle solo train wreck at the end
    and may or may not be about Vietnam or Woodstock or drugs or whatever you read into the lyrics and would've gotten
    my vote except...

    It's hard to argue against "Like a Rolling Stone".
    The lyrics are memorable and relatable to most people (who hasn't failed at some point in their lives?).
    Culturally it's significant for its length and "Heavy Electric" sound.
    Plus, all great stories start off with "Once Upon a Time...".

    Congrats Bob!
  25. Psychedelic Sounds

    Psychedelic Sounds Forum Resident

    New Zealand
    I just realised I voted for The Rolling Stones instead of Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone :confused:
    Lucky you can change your vote.
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