Fictitious bands

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Matt292, Sep 23, 2022.

  1. CHIP72

    CHIP72 Forum Resident

    Silver Spring, MD
    Citizen Dick

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  2. Shoehorn with Teeth

    Shoehorn with Teeth Romans 6:23

  3. BornToBoogie

    BornToBoogie Forum Resident

    Sunny Dorset UK

    The legendary Bad News tour.
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  4. GoldmanT

    GoldmanT Forum Resident

    Frozen Embryos from My So Called Life, with Jared Leto.
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  5. Wildest cat from montana

    Wildest cat from montana Humble Reader

    ontario canada
    Buh-buh-buh Bennie and The Jets.
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  6. dkmonroe

    dkmonroe A completely self-taught idiot

    Windhollow Faire, the doomed folk-rock group from the novella Wyldling Hall by Elizabeth Hand. When I finished the book I was so eager to hear the album, then I remembered it was all fictional! :laugh:
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  7. Axefiend

    Axefiend Forum Resident

    Scum Of The Earth:

    Who were actually Michael Des Barres and his band Detective, minus the two actors ("Blood" and "Nigel").
  8. Sequenzer

    Sequenzer Forum Resident

    Ghandi's Hairdryer from the Robert Rankin book 'Sex and Drugs and Sausage Rolls'.
  9. munjeet

    munjeet Forum Resident

    Two great ones:

    Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem

    The Blue Jean Committee
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  10. citizensmurf

    citizensmurf Ambient postpunk will never die

    Also, Alpa Chino (from Tropic Thunder).
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  11. jeffd7030

    jeffd7030 Time treats everybody like a fool

    Hampden, ME
    'Marvin Berry and the Starlighters' played at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance in Back to the Future
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  12. GoldmanT

    GoldmanT Forum Resident

    Ten bands mentioned in A Clockwork Orange, three of which since inspired real bands to use those names (the other two are a coincidence I think):

    • Heaven Seventeen: Heaven 17 is a New Wave/Synth Pop band from Sheffield, England, active from 1980-present
    • Johnny Zhivago: Johnny Zhivago was a Punk Band from Essex, England, active from 1999-2002
    • The Humpers: The Humpers were a Garage Punk band from Long Beach, California, active from 1989-1998
    • The Sparks: Sparks are a Rock/Pop band from Los Angeles, California, active from 1970-present
    • The Legend: Legend was the name of an English heavy metal band, a Shadows tribute band, a christian rock band, and a rockabilly band
    • The Blow Goes
    • Bread Brothers
    • Cyclops
    • The Comic Strips
    • Goggly Gogol
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  13. octophone

    octophone immaterial girl

    A double bill of Mystik Spiral and Hep Alien would absolutely pack them in.
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  14. Amnion

    Amnion Forum Occupant

    Ontario, Canada
    The Nazgûl
    From "The Armageddon Rag" by George R. R. Martin
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  15. drapes

    drapes Forum Resident

    Montreal, QC
    Two pages in and other than a sneaky reference to an earlier incarnation in the OP, no mention of the greatest of them all: the legendary Spinal Tap!

    At the time of the original movie they were clearly fictional, although they sort of morphed into a concrete satirical group in the '90s.

    Edit: They were mentioned, I just missed it somehow! Sorry!
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  16. johnod

    johnod Forum Resident

    Eddie and the Cruisers
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  17. Rocketdog

    Rocketdog Forum Resident

    ME, USA
    And let’s not forget Captain Geech & The Shrimp Shack Shooters, a fictional band played by the fictional band the movie is about.
  18. barryalan

    barryalan Cat in Space

    Santa Ana
    The Fabulous Stains

  19. Rocketdog

    Rocketdog Forum Resident

    ME, USA
    Two pages in a no one’s mentioned Steel Dragon (and Blood Pollution) from Rock Star yet, either.
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  20. barryalan

    barryalan Cat in Space

    Santa Ana
    Max Frost and the Troopers from Wild in the Streets
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  21. vince

    vince Stan Ricker's son-in-law

  22. Johnny Rock N' Roll

    Johnny Rock N' Roll Forum Resident

    Mystery from Detroit Rock City
    Mission Control / Anarchy's Child (and other band name changes) from Freaks and Geeks
    The Eradicators from Rock N Roll High School Forever
    The Tritonz from Rock N Roll Nightmare
    Sammi Curr from Trick or Treat
    The Loaded Blanks (played by Great White) in Maid to Order
    Johnny Squares (played by Jim Carrey lip syncing GNR) in The Dead Pool
    Black Plague (Vince Neil and other notable metal musicians) in Adventures of Ford Fairline
    Dingoes at My Baby from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    The Ain't Rights from Green Room
    Vince Raven (played by Alice Cooper) in Monster Dog the top of my head
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  23. Kevin j

    Kevin j The 5th 99

    Seattle Area
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  24. HaileyMcComet

    HaileyMcComet Forum Resident

    Billy and the Boingers

  25. HaileyMcComet

    HaileyMcComet Forum Resident

    Did anyone mention Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band?

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