Fictitious bands

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Matt292, Sep 23, 2022.

  1. Amnion

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    Ontario, Canada
    Interesting read too. Lead singer assassinated on stage.
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  2. Chance

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    Morris County, NJ
    That, of course, is not the "classic" lineup.
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  3. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    there is no better fictional band for capturing the excitement of a certain time period than the WONDERS!!!!
  4. johnnybrum

    johnnybrum Forum Resident

  5. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    ah ha ha good one.
  6. Purple Jim

    Purple Jim Senior Member

    Jet Silver & The Dolls Of Venus (a track on the Be Bop Deluxe album Axe Victim)
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  7. johnnybrum

    johnnybrum Forum Resident

    Alan Partridge got into a Grundy-style situation with Scottish punk rocker Shona McGough and her band

    Oh, what the heck, rock and roll! Let’s all have a pear!
  8. robbroncs

    robbroncs Forum Disgrace

    Tragically Hip would notoriously do that in their videos

    The Rodents
    The Filters
    The Constellations

    trying to think if there were others.....
  9. Bender Rodriguez

    Bender Rodriguez RIP Exene, best dog ever. 2005-2016

  10. rudybeet

    rudybeet Forum Resident

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Apparently "The Darlings" were actually "The Dillards."
  11. Bnk

    Bnk Forum Resident

    Z Man named them the Carrie Nations,I think the name was foisted on them. They were originally The Kelly Affair.
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  12. SPF2001

    SPF2001 grammatically challenged

    St. Petersburg,Fl.
    Ricky and The Balloons,per "Glamour Boy"
    by The Guess Who.
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  13. Bnk

    Bnk Forum Resident

    Played by white comedian Chris Morris in brownface iirc. Beyond hilarious. Would Ali G, a bit of a Chris Morris rip-off, count in this,wasn`t he at least a D.J and voice of yoot?
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  14. Bnk

    Bnk Forum Resident

    A British Spinal Tap,I`m sure they were bottled off the stage at a real rock concert they played. The same team did a tv show called The Glam Metal Detectives about a rock group of that name charged with the mission of "saving the planet's ecology with your top-hit records`.

    One of the Bad News band had a hit as his other fictional character Neil (from a hit show called The Young Ones) covering Traffic`s `Hole In My Shoe` This was actually in the British charts. Should be loads of comedy people dabbling in music, it`s virtually a tradition from the 60s on,having comedians satirise the emerging pop/rock culture.
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  15. elaterium

    elaterium Forum Resident

    There WAS a band by that name in NYC late 70’s.
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  16. elaterium

    elaterium Forum Resident

    The Cambridge Concept of Timothy Clover.
  17. Bnk

    Bnk Forum Resident

    Drimble Wedge and the Vegetation. .. Pete Cook and Dudley Moore in 1967`s `Bedazzled`. Just the name cracks me up...and 10 years before punk.
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  18. Bnk

    Bnk Forum Resident

    I used to think `Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers` WAS fictional. And Johnny Thunders himself was a fictional character,played by a member of the New York Dolls.
  19. Shambolicus

    Shambolicus Obsequious, purple and clairvoyant

    The Green Onion, whose namesake was the experimental underwater home in the zany '60s movie Hello Down There (1969). In one scene a young Richard Dreyfus lip-sync croons an oddly Roger Miller-ish ode to goldfish:

    But my personal earworm from the movie is the unforgettable "Glub Love". Even TV's Merv Griffin thought they were "mellow yellow, turned-on and groovy!" That's high praise from a man for whom an "OOOOOOOOOOOHH!" typically sufficed.:laugh:
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  20. Rocketdog

    Rocketdog Forum Resident

    ME, USA
    Some more…

    Omar, Angel, Mok - Rock & Rule
    The Black Roses - Black Roses
    Weapons Of Happiness, The Wayriders - Vinyl (movie)
    The Nasty Bits, Hannibal - Vinyl (TV series)
    The Staton-House Band - Roadies
    Crucial Taunt - Wayne’s World
    Riki and The Flash - Riki and The Flash
    The Suburbans - The Suburbans
    The Juicy Fruits, The Beach Bums, The Undeads, Phoenix - Phantom Of The Paradise
    Oscar Drill & The Bits - Shock Treatment
    The School Of Rock, No Vacancy - School Of Rock
    The Barden Bellas, Evermoist, Saddle Up, Young Sparrow and DJ Dragon Nutz - Pitch Perfect 3
    Lost Soulz - The Perfect Age Of Rock & Roll
    Sex Bob-Omb, Crash and The Boys, The Clash At Demonhead - Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
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  21. Bnk

    Bnk Forum Resident

    A lot of people`s usernames on this site would make good fictional bands...yours for example...Rocket Dog...then there`s Purple Jim,and Rudy Beet...naming ourselves here has a bit of the `fictional rock band/ rock star` vibe.
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  22. blehman

    blehman Forum Resident

    Milwaukee, WI. USA
    You know, Chuck Berry's cousin?
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  23. konoyaro

    konoyaro Forum Resident

    Bay Area, CA, USA
    Buckaroo Bonzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers

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  24. nosticker

    nosticker Forum Guy

    Ringwood, NJ
    Ask The Commitments. They toured clubs/bars in the 90s. I saw them!

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  25. Brewmeister

    Brewmeister Forum Resident

    From The Kids in the Hall:
    Rod Torfulson's Armada featuring Herman Menderchuk.

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