Films Made Or Set In Your Hometown

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Jeff Kent, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Jeff Kent

    Jeff Kent Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Mt. Kisco, NY
    Barring the usual suspect big cities, were any films set in or filmed in your hometown?

    I just flipped past The Need For Speed (2014) the video game/car race movie which was set in Mt. Kisco. That got me thinking about other films...

    Jumanji (1995) was filmed in Keene, NH where I lived when I was in college. You can see my apartment building on the back of the DVD box and in the stampede scene.

    Fatal Attraction (1987) was filmed in and around Mt. Kisco, NY. Michael Douglas still lives here.

    Ragtime (1981) was filmed in Mt. Kisco, NY.
  2. arley

    arley Forum Resident

    Baton Rouge was the setting for Everybody's All American (1988) and sex, lies, and videotape (1989). By the way, I read Deford's book and in the foreword he says that Everybody's All-American is NOT based on Billy Cannon, although everybody in Louisiana thinks it is. The Jessica Lange skinny dipping scene was shot at Lake Rosemound, a small lake about 40 miles north of BR.
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  3. Jeff Kent

    Jeff Kent Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Mt. Kisco, NY
    I listed the ones I knew and then in looking something up I noticed this...and it's Beatles related.

    Across The Universe (2014)

    "Indeed, the film company created so many different worlds – Detroit, Vietnam, Washington D.C., suburban Massachusetts, Muscoot farm, where they staged the circus, and other “magical” environments – all within the New York City area."

    Muscoot Farm is a couple miles from my house.

  4. rich100

    rich100 Forum Resident

    Middle of England
    Parts of Ready Player One - Birmingham UK and parts of The Italian Job was filmed in nearby Coventry.
  5. stepeanut

    stepeanut Forum Resident

    If you’re from Brum, the first one that comes to mind is Peter Watkins’s 1967 film Privilege.

    Privilege (film) - Wikipedia
  6. mmars982

    mmars982 Forum Resident

    Pittsburgh, PA
    There is one scene in the movie Kingpin that was filmed on a street corner a few blocks from where I live.
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  7. Morpheus

    Morpheus Forum Resident

    Tyler, Texas
    Big Spring, Tx--pop. 20,000--early scenes in Midnight Cowboy and Hanger 18.
  8. stepeanut

    stepeanut Forum Resident

    Loads shot in Manchester and Salford, especially those early 1960s kitchen-sink dramas (A Taste of Honey, etc.).

    Weirdly, there’s a little area around Dale Street/China Lane/Back Piccadilly that has been used in a number of films and television shows in recent years. The dirty, old converted warehouse buildings are a popular stand-in for anywhere from Birmingham (Peaky Blinders) to Brooklyn (Captain America: The First Avenger). I used to walk these streets every night on my way home from work. China Lane is also a really popular spot for fashion photography shoots.

    Dale Street, Manchester:

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  9. Daniel Plainview

    Daniel Plainview God's Lonely Man


    Filmed in Albany. About Albany.
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  10. seed_drill

    seed_drill Forum Resident

    Tryon, NC, USA
    Getting It On was filmed in my neighborhood a couple years before I moved to North Carolina. Terrible, terrible film.

  11. Parts of Silver Streak (the '70s Gene Wilder/ Richard Pryor vehicle) and Interstellar were filmed in and around my hometown of Lethbridge, Alberta.
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  12. mBen989

    mBen989 Forum Resident

    Scranton, PA
    That Championship Season
  13. vinyl_puppy

    vinyl_puppy Forum Resident

    Santa Rosa, CA
    Filmed here in Santa Rosa were the following:

    Shadow of A Doubt
    Peggy Sue Got Married

    There are others but most had a minor sequence filmed here (not sure that counts).
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  14. slovell

    slovell Retired Mudshark

    Chesnee, SC, USA
    Many of the early scenes in Starman were filmed in Jasper, TN my home town.
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  15. Ghostworld

    Ghostworld Forum Resident

    “Where’s that Joe Buck?”
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  16. Ghostworld

    Ghostworld Forum Resident


    Looks good to me!
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  17. clhboa

    clhboa Forum Resident

    While I'm originally from Ohio, I did live in Colorado Springs for 8 years. While I lived there, Dee Snider filmed the movie "Strangeland" in the Springs.
  18. gabacabriel

    gabacabriel Forum Resident

    Bristol, UK
    Get Carter (Michael Caine) was filmed in and around Newcastle in North-East England, which was the nearest big city to where I grew up (Hebburn).

    Hebburn (the BBC TV comedy series) was actually about and filmed in my old home town - although I had moved down South by then....
  19. The Fighter (Wahlberg and Bale)
    The Invention of Lying (Ricky Gervais)
    Both filmed in Lowell, MA This century.
  20. Django

    Django Forum Resident

    Dublin, Ireland
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  21. live evil

    live evil Forum Resident

    My uncle taught at SUNY Albany with William Kennedy, and they are still good friends.
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  22. BZync

    BZync Senior Member

    Los Angeles
    I grew up in NYC and I currently live in Los Angeles. How much time do you have?
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  23. seacliffe301

    seacliffe301 Forum Resident

    "Gran Torino" was shot in and around here in Detroit. Much of the film "The Double" was shot here as well.
    There were several other productions that took place here during film tax incentives back in the 2000's.
  24. live evil

    live evil Forum Resident

    Lots of movies shot in Cincy recently. I think there were 9 last year alone.

    The biggest was in the late 80’s when “ Rain Man” was shot here, and the setting was here also.

    Most of the time Cincy is used because parts of it still look like NYC in the 40’s and 50’s.
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  25. kevywevy

    kevywevy Forum Resident

    I was watching a movie called "Devil in the Dark" which is about a couple of brothers trying to reconcile on a hunting trip. I realized that the mountain in the background of one scene looked familiar - because I live on it. Not the greatest movie ever made but the cinematography is terrific and the scenery here in the British Columbia interior is spectacular.
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